Helios Reset Reply

Folks, thanks for being patient…

Since the time Helios Journal™ was first founded in 2014 as an expression of joy and freedom through the sharing of beautiful imagery, the site has been through a few transformations. Most recently, these one and a half years the site has been completely off-line while its creator has undergone a profound transformation of psyche, a complete lifestyle change, and (while we’re at it) a move literally to the opposite side of the world.

Gone for now (sniff!) is the immediately available and endlessly bountiful natural beauties of the American Southwest and Central Plains, those beautiful climes that provided many of the stunning photographs (including the buck pictured here) shared with you several years ago.

While the move was in itself a difficult process, it eventually has rendered itself as a gift in disguise. However, as an unfortunate consequence of the transformation, approximately 7 years’ worth of beautiful photographs were lost in the process. While this seems a horrific tragedy, the hole that this leaves within this website now offers the opportunity to capture other forms of beauty that can be found in this new place that life has chosen to show us here in the Asian continent.

Therefore, while only few of the original natural photographs from the previous version of Helios Journal has been saved (to be shared in later posts), I hope that you will enjoy the many other instances of beauty that arise in this new land, many photos of which are in a much more urban setting.

Thanks again for being so patient, for waiting, and for just being you.

And now, the new experience…

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