Praise for “Becoming Awareness” Reply

Rare is the book that comes along that is both a pleasure to read, as well as serves as a treasure trove of insightful knowledge into personal and spiritual growth. Lorraine Voss’s Becoming Awareness is one such book.

Starting with the narrative of her chance meeting in Mexico with a native Nahuatl Indian friend named Nayeli, Lorraine Voss invites us to witness a journey that blends down-to-earth experience with the wonders that embody the actual meaning of the story’s namesake: “becoming awareness”.

For those readers whose life has convinced them that they’ve seen everything there is to see, Lorraine shows us that one can continue on the discovery of one’s own life with the freshness and curiosity of childlike inquiry. For those new to the journey of self-discovery, Becoming Awareness is a delightful story whose backdrop invites the unfolding of knowledge of oneself and awareness of how very special one’s very own life truly can be. Lorraine Voss clearly explains formerly unknown concepts in plain language, and provides living examples so that one may easily understand more complex ideas.

Whether you merely desire a story of a pleasureful and challenging trek into the brilliance of the unknown self, or whether you seek to expand your life-long sojourn further into what infinity has to offer, then read and utterly enjoy Lorraine Voss’s “Becoming Awareness: Earth. Energy. Evolution.”

Postscript: For an in-depth analysis of the book and its correlation t0 shamanic writer Carlos Castaneda and the Toltec Path, click here.

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