To Embrace Both Light and Dark 1

I looked at the clock and
Was it was no coincidence:
Both hands were pointed at the six – the lowest point of low?

And thereon I stood, at the lowest point in my creation.
Yet I smiled as this meant that the only place left for me now was to go upward.
And whilst here, I also recognized that without having been here,
without having visited this place and all the darkness it entailed,
I would have not known the fullness of this place of Creation.

So, my first act as Creator in this place:
Let my seeds of knowledge be planted here.
Let my tap root emerge and take root here,
and let it penetrate the depths of the Earth
to a deepness beyond beyond any human need,
just as my soul yearns to fly upward
to a sky-bound place beyond all human concerns.
And let me know that this is all Creation
and as a create-ure in this place
let it be my home

Everywhere as my place of awareness
both my dark and my light
Seeking and seeing balance
bound by a loving Earth
upward-looking to the lungs of her sky
full-knowing that those stars out there
would tell me I am not alone, not separated,

Co-Creator and Witness
to all this beauty

Now filled with Light.

One comment

  1. Love this!!!!

    “Until one has loved an animal part of their soul remains unawakened”

    Anatole France


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