Fly! Reply

In the dark of the night when you go to bed, in that glow-space between sleep and awake, softly voice your intent for what you need. Ask your friends (your guides?) to be patient because you cannot see them, but ask them to help you perceive more broadly so that you can finally see or hear them clearly.  Or, to see, hear, or understand what it is you need to know. It also helps to say thanks. Anything or anyone, any time, any what that you are thankful for – say thanks to them.

Ask for what you need, and the wisdom to see that what you get is indeed what you need. Work your way through this, and know that your prayer is instantly heard.

Results are many times instant, but it may take some time to be able to see these results. Things happen but you may not notice.  Don’t be discouraged.

Do this every day without routine. That’s right – without routine. For if you do it as a routine, then it will become like everything else routine in your life that you seek to transcend. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the most unlikely sources.

You are here. You are alive. Who cares whether others think you’re nuts? It’s not their life, and… you don’t have time to waste. Or do you?

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