Something Afoot in Antarctica? (updated) 2

Last night after a healing session with Reconnective Healing practitioner Henda, I had a dream that may shed some light on what’s happening recently, perhaps in the Antarctic.


First the dream itself…

I found  myself in a huge underground realm, somehow illuminated (I don’t know how) in a  mostly white but somewhat golden-hued color. The cavern was huge of course, miles long.

I took on the point of view (POV) of the single emissary representing what appeared to be a mostly human faction that had come to this underground realm. The person they appointed as this emissary was probably expendable, as he was filled with both wonder and fear at what he was seeing. No doubt he had not been briefed in what to expect, so naturally he was filled with fear.  He was sent to wave a white flag (really?) to his counterpart, an emissary sent out by the residents of this underground world. As this other emissary approached, the human representative lost his nerve and panicked.  He turned tail and fled, pulling out his sidearm and firing off rounds at the other emissary and the approaching hovering vehicle on which it resided.

Moments later the scene POV changed to one from behind and above:  I saw wave after wave of mechanized war machines (like tanks, but not exactly) pour into the cavern toward the awaiting resident underground people. In my mind’s ears, I heard the busy military jargon-filled radio dialogue of the men driving these land- and air-borne vehicles.

Here the dream ended.


As many people know, US diplomat John Kerry made a trip recently to Antarctica under the guise of wishing to see how climate change was affecting this most ecologically sensitive of regions in the world.  That was the official drumbeat, however for those who know better, a busy politician’s trip to an otherwise previously little-mentioned land – also visited at some point by the US president and the Patriarch Kirill of Russia, among others – leaves a critical audience with suspiciously raised eyebrows.  

Also take into account that in the last several days a red flag was raised by other observers as four possible “Ground Level Events” (GLEs) in the electromagnetic spectrum in the excess of 500 million volts took place in an isolated area of the Antarctic just days ago. Not the entire continent, but in pinpointed areas. One GLE monitoring point actually went offline entirely.  Solar flares are usually associated with GLEs, but as the afore-linked source indicates, there were no solar flares. So… what is the source of these  electromagnetic pulses in an isolated area of the antarctic?  One other commonly known source of such energy pulses is nuclear detonation (please let this not be true). 

Also consider:

  • Other recent intense dialogue including the possible discovery of pyramids
  • NASA’s recent remote sensor detection of ancient formerly inhabited areas found under the snow
  • Also consider the decades-old testimonies (some no doubt are false or have been twisted) that the Nazis used the Antarctic as a secret base from which they continued their technology development.
  • Decades-old testimonies of Admiral Byrd’s failed Operation ”Highjump” mission to that region, and the memoir that he supposedly wrote later declaring that there was a vast technologically advanced civilization already living there.
  • And other weird stuff (most of it recent) that brings the region even further onto the radar…

The warming of ice is revealing a growing hill (pyramid?) of possible evidence that there is more to this “wasteland” than we have been led to believe.

My colleague Henda has mentioned she does not have good feelings about what’s been happening in that region lately, and no doubt she will have more to say about this in her own statement which I can link here later as an update.

UPDATE 24 December 2016: Henda shares her perspective on what’s going on in Antarctica. Scroll to the section entitled “The Antarctica Events”.


Recently released remote sensing photography of NASA’s Operation IceBridge mission in Antarctica led to a fascinating discovery when images revealed what some experts believe could be the existence of a possible ancient human settlement lying beneath an impressive 2.3 kilometers of ice. Source

UPDATE – December 20: 


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