Why Discuss the Difference between Hope and Expectation? Reply

I write this as an update on my previous article about the Hope–Expect Paradigm. What was lacking in the original article was the context, the reason, why anyone would wish to know about the Hope–Expect Paradigm and why it’s relevant to you. Basically…

If you expect something with the aim of improving your position, you are trying to get at something good. This is certainly reasonable. Everyone wants to improve their lives. But by outright expecting something, you may be unwittingly setting yourself up for disappointment if things don’t work out. In this light, expectation is not the ideal mode of operation.

Assuming you wish to avoid disappointment, you might ask yourself, “How do I leverage all the goodness, the excitement, the positivity of expectation without being set up for disappointment?”

The answer is hope.

By hoping (and not expecting) for something, you incorporate all the good you can leverage while derailing the chances for disappointment. So…

What does all this mean? Read the original article for further explanation.


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