Easy, My Dear 1

Easy, My Dear.

I know you’re angry. I know you suffered horrible abuse.
You want to lash out.
I know you’re scared.

But know this:

The time for all those things that created the horror, the fear, the anger, the separation,
the sense of endless desolation, that the end of the world was really going to be coming soon…
All that… all that is going away now.
Yes, really…

The end of all that darkness has come.
Sure, there’s still bad things going on.
Yes, we will see strange events to come.
But really, what you’re seeing now is The Truth arising.

The world is just like you:
She’s shaking her dormant feathers loose.
Shaking out all that old dust, the darkness and
the many things it created for its selfish cause.
Our home, this World, rustles her wings to lighten her load.
And she…  she’s just like you…
She’s getting ready to do what she was made to do:  To soar into freedom.

And while you may have first shaken all the dust from your feathers,
be patient with our Mother this Earth,
for She is much larger than you, and has much more to discard.
She’s healing her people now, just as you heal yourself.

In the the times to come you may need to move
from tree to tree and build another new nest.
While the old tree that was your former home rots and falls to the forest floor,
Mother Earth will provide you with a new home as she heals.
She knows what she’s doing.
Trust her.


Look at the progress you’ve made!
Look how much you have grown, and how much your eyes can now see!
Yes, continue to shake up and ruffle those feathers of yours,
turning them from the leaden heaviness they once were
into the instruments of the very air
they were meant to play with.

The river that fed all that darkness into the valley that is your home,
That river source has now dried up, and is gone.
Gaze upstream and see this is true: There is no more of that water coming down.
The dark clouds that once enshrouded the mountain have gone.
Where now is the leaden rain they dropped onto the peak that fed the dark river?
It no longer falls.

The Sun is emerging and now you can see the mountain peak
shine forth after all these ages.
Just look…

Fear has fallen mortally wounded and died.

So now is a time of Wonder.

You will see two things:

First, witness the last of the dark waters coursing their way into oblivion.
Some of the black roses those waters fed in the valley will wither and die.
Others will transform themselves finally, for this is the moment they awaited.
They will turn to the emerging new Sun,
with petals and leaves fully spread in a gesture of joy and thankfulness.
This will lead you to the second wonder you will witness:

You will see all the people, the stones, the plants, the animals,
and the wind that caresses them, all of them.
You will see them erupt with joy,
fully coming into themselves as they were meant to be.

And when you see this, My Dear,
You will rustle your feathers one last time.
You will venture to the edge of this precipice where we stand together now,
And you will step off, and make those broad wings do what they were made for.

You will soar.
Soar so far…

You will not be able to escape the burning fire within your breast.
So you will have to open your beak and cry out to the far mountaintops:
Cry out your heart-felt Joy at the wonder you now witness.

You will proclaim:  “What a wonderful time to be here to see all… this… Beauty…”

You will think: “I am so lucky, so blessed.”

My Dear, I will step off this cliff and join you in this New Flight.
For I am Love and you are Freedom,
And together we will witness the Beauty Path
now manifest before us.

Together we will soar, and we will cry out:

“Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!”

Together, you an I will soar… into… Infinity… awaiting…


© 2017 Helios Journal™ – All Rights Reserved Worldwide

One comment

  1. John – this gave me goosebumps.. .well done!!

    “Until one has loved an animal part of their soul remains unawakened”

    Anatole France


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