More Than Mere Sound Reply

The Song

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

– John 1:1

What the scripture doesn’t explain here is that the word is sung. It’s not just a word, nor even a spoken word. The word has to be sung. 

The singing is what makes it come to life.


The Sacred Singer as Creator

So… Who is the Singer of the Sacred Song? Some would say it is God. But for those who would endeavor to have communion with God, they likewise endeavor to become the Sacred Singer herself.  How beautiful…

In this video above we see Natasha Nikeprelevic singing a multi-tonal mantra, and its counterpoise manifests as a semi-solid waveform (remember, Einstein said matter and energy are the same, but merely in different forms) that her hands intuitively shape in front of her body. This waveform has been documented throughout the ages, most popularly known from Hinduism as a circular “yantra” like the one depicted here.

Attribution: Photo by Daniel Conrad (Chromacon), artwork by Daniel Conrad under direction of Harish Johari. - Original photo by self (Chromacon), Public Domain,

The Sri Yantra

“Ezekiel’s Wheel”

Another physical manifestation of the sound waveform in writings is described in the Book of Ezekiel as “Ezekiel’s Wheel” – a kind of circular “chariot” on which the mystic rides perhaps physically (or more likely perceptively) to other places/realms.

Later in this essay I provide a video link to a UFO seemingly of similar technology.

Ezekiel's Wheel as inferred in the Book of Ezekiel and elsewhere in mystical ancient scriptures.

Ezekiel’s Wheel as inferred in the Book of Ezekiel and elsewhere in mystical ancient scriptures.

A Circular-Linear Form Factor

What’s common among all of these systems is the presence of a circular shaped delivery mechanism, and a more or less linear (either as an object trajectory or a waveform transit) that comes out of the delivery mechanism. A circular-linear form factor paradigm. In the case of the lady singing, the circular delivery mechanism is her open mouth. The linear deliverable is the sound projecting directly from her mouth and body.

Sometimes we see this dynamic reversed, as we see with with the circular-shaped electromagnetic torus delivered outward from the human heart. The chord (longest dimension) of the heart is oriented in a slightly tilted up-and-down fashion, thus sending the torus around the body mostly horizontally, forming one of the many shapes encompassed within the Ezekiel’s-Wheel waveform the singer is generating.

Courtesy of HeartMath Institute

The heart’s powerful electromagnetic torus field. Courtesy of the HeartMath Institute.

The Dual-Purpose Wheel as Merkaba

The Wheel serves as both a protective mechanism and transport vehicle. Dr. Steven M. Greer speaks of the wheel (also known as a merkaba) as a protective mechanism in his meditation instructions, whereby it is used to protect one’s pineal gland (a photo-receptive organ in the middle of the brain, the “third eye”), and then is actually used as a medium for astral travel.

Cymatics and Framework of the New Creation Paradigm

Sacred geometry has long been correlated with the scientific study of shapes that manifest as a result of sound: cymatics.  The video here shows us a complex of many sacred geometric patterns derived from the sound of the human voice.


Within sightings of unidentified objects, the circular-linear form factor and other sacred geometric patterns can also be observed.  At approximately 1:10 in this recent video, we see the rapid manifestation of all the sacred geometries (triangles, circles, lines, squares, and n-gons) used in a plasma-based energy object.


In recent spiritual artistic expressions by contemporary seers such as Reconnective Healer Henda Zaghouani, we see the emergence of sacred geometries in the form of triangles, circles, and lines:

“The White Dragon Tree and The Seal Of Solomon”
by Henda Zaghouani –
© 2017 Henda Zaghouani – All rights reserved worldwide

Sacred geometry also appears in the astoundingly magical work of the visionary Toltec artist Don Voss:

“Perception” by Toltec artist Don Voss –
© Don Voss – all rights reserved worldwide

Nothing New

All of this is nothing new.  It is information that is not taught in mainstream education, yet exists fully explained in the ancients texts. This is all ancient science – now welcome as modern science.

The Sacred Song is not mere sound.  It is sung as Awareness itself, sung by the Creator Being, and it manifests as not only sound, but also in physical form, as a sacred geometrical waveform reality that is nothing less than creation itself. 


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