A Wonder in the Making Reply

“It’s possible to insist, to properly insist, even though we know that what we’re doing is useless,” he said, smiling, “But we must know first that our acts are useless and yet we must proceed as if we didn’t know it. That’s a warrior’s controlled folly.”

– Don Juan Matus, from Carlos Castaneda’s ‘A Separate Reality’

If you wish to live and live well, become something much more than a commoner: Become a force of nature.

First…. Give rise to the notion of being a force of nature. As a breeze that would softly waft your face, reminding you of who you are, break away from the sleepy reverie of not-living.

Go and do.

Step back and see what grows from your doing. Learn from it.

Being a witness to all of this, life dancing with you somehow as co-creator: This is both your reward and your humbling honor.

Be thankful. For yours is a beautiful life – no less than a wonder in the making…



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