The Limitations of Perception & Language Reply

In Chinese, the word for “perceive” is the same as “feel” (感覺). The second word shown here depicts the brain on the top, the large box-shaped eye in middle, with the legs of the beholder down below.
The life experience is greatly a matter of personal experience, originally needing little to no external filtering or guidance. However, when someone says they “feel” this or that, many times they are actually referring to what they “think” – sometimes with input from the human eye, a physical mechanism designed with extreme perceptive limitations in the endless band of other energies that exist out there.
It is this meddling with the mind/heart/body dynamic, accompanied by the severe limitations of language that make the experience of life – let alone the sharing of the life experience – an endless quagmire of misunderstanding and disappointment in human relations, including relations with one’s own self.


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