My Journey with Spiritual Healers Reply


In ancient Greek times, those accused of crime stood before others to present a spoken Apologia.

This was not an apology as we know it today, and was not necessarily an admission to a crime. Rather it was an explanation or testimony of what they believe happened. The apologia provided that one person’s account of their life story as it applied to the matter at hand.

This is my apologia, my story as to why I consult with Spiritual Healers. While I don’t expect your story to be the same, perhaps you can learn something from what I share here. If you take a journey, it will be very special. It will be yours.

Some people will agree to the words I share here. Some will say it’s pure bullshit. It doesn’t matter. There is no right or wrong perception. Everyone is indeed where they need to stand at this very moment.

In sharing this story now, I release it.  It is now no longer “my story” – but everyone’s story to take or set aside as they please.

Stage Set: Death as Antagonist

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts…”

– Shakespeare

I was just like anyone in the sense that I seek meaning in my life. Until recent years for me it wasn’t a quest in earnest, but now it’s indeed an every-day and “every-moment” endeavor.

Like it is for many others, the task of seeking life meaning was brought on to me by an impending danger. As a young man I was near death. But it didn’t make any sense? I was in perfect health, an avid runner, ate vegetarian food, and stayed away from people and situations I felt were not healthy to me.

Nevertheless, death sought me out. Sometimes it bears a heavy physical presence, and it’s easily palpable. I tell you, death does not need a medical reason to occur, but many times hides behind the cloak of illness that a coroner’s pen can conveniently write onto a hospital certificate. “Medical death” in any form is pure reason – and in this respect any medical reason for death is pure bullshit. There is much more to this death thing than one could ever imagine. Fodder for a separate discussion.


Luckily I found a way to get out of the predicament I was in. In later years I prided myself on my independence and found ways to heal myself. It wasn’t until later that I found that such rugged individualism was a trap, a road block in understanding the interconnectedness that one has with everything, specifically with other people.

Some years ago I ran across another life-threatening situation. No need to go into the details here, but this situation was even more dire than anything I had seen ever before. This time, not only was death near me, but madness, insanity, and self-hatred dogged me. It wasn’t until later that an enemy used their “special powers” to place a curse on me. I felt hopeless, truly desperate – so much so that I was willing to sacrifice my pride as the lone spiritual warrior I saw myself as, able to heal and extricate myself from any trouble. Not so this time. I was devastated.

Swallowing Pride, Seeking Help

One night I spoke silently into the darkness. I asked for help from a special person. But I didn’t know who this person would be. Someone. Anyone. I envisioned this person would be a healer. Luckily my prayer was soon answered.

The Fortune Teller

About ten days after setting this intent, I went to a Mexican cultural show in my town. It featured food, crafts, storytellers, dancing and music. Among the crowd were fortune tellers. I observed the several who were there. On impulse I chose one, waited my turn until she was done, and then sat down. I had her do a “regular” forecast: fortune, romance, career, money, etc. All accurate, or all bullshit, depending on how you interpret this. I then told her I had a serious problem and asked her to tell me what she thought it was. She was spot on. I made an appointment with her for further counseling at her home.

Long story short: While she did help me with my problem, it became apparent she was in need of some serious help herself. Her services were really expensive. And while worth it in the beginning to get myself taken care of for the short-term, I was soon no longer able to afford her any further. Besides, while I felt she was indeed gifted, she needed counseling or therapy for her further development. In the end I felt she was in it “for the money”. Thus ended my consulting with her.

Old-World Chinese Healing Ceremony

I moved from my home in the US to Taiwan. It was a tough move, but it was a gift in the making. Being “half-healed” from the previous healer was like regaining a severed hand without regaining the forearm to hold it in place. I was thankful for what I had regained, but I needed more help. I struggled for a while.

Then one day two or three weeks after I moved to Taiwan I met a man and woman on the road while walking amidst a raucous traditional street market in Taipei. We chatted briefly. The very next day I saw them in an entirely different part of the city (Taipei is a really big city of nearly 3 million people), and we were surprised at running into each other. Again we spoke briefly and went out own ways. The very next day amazingly I saw them again in an entirely different part of the city! We all exclaimed, “This is no coincidence!” We immediately changed all our plans then. They invited me to their home, where we talked that night for five hours.

It turned out that the woman was an old-school traditional Chinese healer. I asked her for help. I write about my experience in great detail. I worked with her and her group for several sessions. Unfortunately, every time I went to this healer, her price seemed to go up exponentially. Perhaps because she had this entire entourage of assistants to support her during healing ceremony. Perhaps it was to feed an extravagant lifestyle she and her group aspired to. Maybe it was because I was a foreigner and they thought I loads of money they could get to. I don’t know for sure. Eventually I couldn’t afford her services any further.

So, as lessons learned in this scenario: If a healer has an entourage to support, then it makes you wonder somewhat as to whether it’s their personal power that’s helping facilitate the healing? Why so many people? Why not just one. And with the energy of so many people stirred into the mix, and with the varying intents all these people hold, is it wise to have so many conflicting arrows of intent to facilitate a delicate healing? For some, yes. In my case, I chose no.

In my quest so far for assistance catalyzed by an external healer, I had found limited success. But I hadn’t really found a mode of healing (and a matching healer) that I felt comfortable with, let alone felt was a fair trade. In the end, I felt this traditional healer was in it for the money. I was supporting not only the healer, but all those assistants and inexperienced students who were in attendance at my sessions at my expense – people who learned from seeing me as a teacher, despite me being the “patient”. People whose intents may not have been rendered clear or clean through mature experience, and thus may have actually hindered my healing, or at the least diminished its effect.

I decided I was willing to pay some money for a very capable individual healer, but not their entire entourage. So far I hadn’t found this capable individual.

It was time for me to move on in this journey of healing.


“Nothing is a coincidence. As you become more aware, you see that everything that happens to you is relevant.”

– Don Voss

In my research I happened across some testimonies for “QHHT”. According to its official website:

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), involves inducing an individual into the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. A state which under ordinary circumstances is experienced only twice daily: the moment just before you become consciously awake and the moment just before you fall asleep. Historically, hypnotists have avoided conducting research with subjects in this state because of the often strange and inexplicable results that are recorded.”

QHHT as was developed and taught to others by a beautiful woman named Dolores Cannon. Do a web search for her various talks available on video, and see actual QHHT sessions taking place.

In my limited understanding of QHHT one has direct access to one’s Higher Self. One can actually have direct access to karma-related events, past lives, etc., as an observer or participant. This is in direct opposition to the one Chinese method (of many) I tried, whereby everything is conducted through a medium.

I contacted a local QHHT practitioner in Taiwan, and in my session I had limited success. I must say, I use the phrase “limited success” with extreme reservation. In retrospect, for me to say “limited success” means I was expecting something. Not good. I was warned by people in the on-line QHHT forums that if I expected something, I would be limiting the healing effect I could enjoy. Indeed, if you expect something, you’re asking for disappointment! Read about expectations here.

In my first QHHT session, I saw a river adjacent to a forest with trees. The message I got was that this place was in Kentucky at a specific river. The river was asking for healing. WHAT! I was the one who needed healing here!

(I later looked this river up and I found it. And it was located next to an iron works that may have been polluting the river and the land.)

So, why was the river asking me for healing? I didn’t understand. Mental note to remember this later.

In my second QHHT session, I saw a beautiful young slave girl garbed in a flowing dress. She was sneaking around in a stone chamber that I felt was in a subterranean temple in ancient Egypt. She looked around to make sure nobody saw her, and she crept stealthily to an ornate gold-and-jewel encrusted throne, upon which she sat. She relaxed, and in a few moments the scene changed. I saw a city at nighttime. The feeling was this was not on Earth. This vision ended. I was left baffled.

In both QHHT sessions I was able to see some imagery, but I couldn’t determine how it was relevant to me.

But… maybe that was the point! Maybe that’s where I was being hung up.

All along I was expecting healing for myself. But maybe this journey meant to tell me this had a lot more to do with then just little old me. There was a bigger picture at hand here. Maybe I was supposed to heal someone or something else before I could understand how I could in turn be healed. (As I found out later, all this was all true.)

As I mentioned earlier, I had “limited success” with QHHT after several sessions. But I hadn’t ruled out QHHT, as it has helped literally thousands of people across the world to resolve innumerable health, psychic, spiritual and other issues. I say “limited success” with extreme reservation.

I still needed to find some kind of a mode or method that worked for me.

Notice in the previous sentence, I didn’t use the word “heal” or similar derivative. I used the phrase “worked for me”. I was beginning to see this wasn’t just a matter of my personal healing. It was a matter of finding something that worked as part of a larger dynamic.

This journey was expanding, becoming ever more interesting.

Remote Healing

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: If there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

– Carl Jung

On social media and elsewhere I had heard of some healers who were able to do “remote healing” – healing modes that did not require the patient physically being present. As a student of Chinese culture, I had heard about this. I knew there were practitioners in China and India who were famous for this kind of healing. And in my reading of the amazing works of Carlos Castaneda, there was mention of healers who were able to do remote healing, as well as even bi-locate so they could heal more than one person at once. So I knew this form of healing was conceivable.

So at the recommendation of some people whose testimonies I had read on social media, I dove in. I tried the services of one such remote healer. And yes, remote healing works!

I felt an intense warmth in certain areas of my body, and the work resulted in an appreciable improvement in my health – especially in the places on my body for which I asked healing. With the first healer I tried, I found their energy perhaps a little too strong, leaving me with a mild headache that persisted for a few hours.

Thus I tried another remote healer.

Yet Another

Just as everyone you meet in life is truly and uniquely different, this remote healer’s energy was likewise different from the previous one.

This person’s energy was definitely noticeable, but was much more mellow. This is not to say it wasn’t powerful in its own way. After my second healing session with this practitioner, I went for a ride on my scooter and lost track of about 15 minutes’ worth of that ride. I couldn’t account for where I had been for that segment of my ride, suddenly finding myself in a part of town whose pretext I couldn’t account for.

While this first healer could concentrate on specific areas of the body that need healing, their preference was to let the healing proceed naturally, with the energy flowing to where it goes without any preconceived notions of what needs to be healed. In this respect, this healer is a “generalist”, whose special gift is to provide an overall balance to the patient’s energy. I find this method works for me. And so I have been calling upon the services of this healer for nearly two years now.

Because I wanted to find a “specialist” whose skills could focus on specific issues, I was guided to yet another two healers. And I consult with them regularly, too.

Much More Than Just About You

By this time my healing journey had gone along so wonderfully, my trust and confidence in this journey was unquestionable. There’s an adage, “As within, so without.” What this means is that everything going on outside of you has everything to do with what’s going on inside, too. It also means that what’s going on is so much more than just you, but amazingly it has everything to do with you!

My vision of healing the river in Kentucky, the other healings (not mentioned here) I’ve been asked to do for other people, things, places since this journey began… This all points to the bigger picture and a sense of personal mission as time goes on. In seeking to be healed, I in turn have become a healer in my own fashion.

This isn’t to say you, dear reader, are meant to be a healer also. Everyone comes here bearing their own gifts. In time if you so choose, you will find make your special journey and you will see the wonder it shows to you – and why you chose to come here in this life, on this planet.

I can say this…

This beauty-full path of Love is the most worthy journey.


© 2018 John Helios – all rights reserved worldwide

Accompanying art work by Don Voss

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