Dream: “New Earth Transition Area” 2

A dream this morning:

I was in a place that was kind of like a transitional area between here (transitioning from 3D to lower 5D) and the New Earth reality.  For lack of any better words, what I saw looked like a hippie commune.

It was on a really large property owned by a hippie lady and her husband. They were able to accommodate hundreds of people, perhaps even thousands.  This man and his wife had everything that everyone needed, including food, water, everything. Their property seemed to serve as a kind of transition between wherever people had just come from to wherever they were going on New Earth.

A lot of people were present, and they were really happy. If they weren’t happy, then they were fully engaged in whatever they were doing: Talking with and meeting other people, gathering supplies, exchanging information. Because it was so crowded, it seemed like everybody knew that they would just stay there for a short time and then move on to wherever they needed to go.

When I left these folks’ property, I had walked out into in a small California coastal town. Definitely on the coast because I was able to see the ocean. An oil rig on the water in the far distance was ablaze, but no-one paid it any mind. Perhaps this was a reminder of the far-off horrors of 3D that everyone had just left.  The town had lots of shops that included food and supplies for many cultures, including wares from the Middle East, the Orient, as well as regular Western groceries and supplies also.  There were many restaurants.  I saw no cars, and no entrapped animals (as “pets”).

In recent years Hollywood movies depict refugee camps with people milling about restlessly, restively and aimlessly, with everything cast over with and element of unseen fear and impending disaster. What I saw in this dream was outwardly much like this scene, but with neither the fear nor doom.  And people were able, as I had done, to freely step out of the camp into the nearby towns.

It was a raw and primitive environment, but without any element of negativity. It was a place of meeting, reunion, and the establishment of new ties amidst an excited anticipation for what was next to come.


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  1. The photo you went with looks so similar to an event being held next door here this weekend. I went over yesterday afternoon and saw what they had set up, including the exact same tent in your picture. The gathering is hippy based with chanting, sound healing, yoga, meditation, vege food, etc. It was just interesting timing for me to see your dream and have this event on my doorstep.

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