Antherian ETs & Our Passage through the Lesser Mysteries 1


I’ve had enough hints and affirmations to write about this. So now I am compelled to write.

It began on February 28, 2018, when I was in France with the amazing energy healer Henda Zaghouani. I had completed my axiatonal realignment with her the previous day and I was resting from that. My body was ecstatic with energy, my head had opened up and I was receiving new information that I cannot describe.

Suddenly I envisioned a snow-scaped forest, with a forest on the right and an open snow field on the left. Above the snow field was a brilliantly illuminated blue-white orb. Within the orb as an electrified being bearing the semblance of a humanoid form. Immediately above it, perhaps piggybacking upon the first one’s energy was another orb-being. Within a moment, the vision was gone.

From what I can describe, what I saw was most like what is commonly known in nature as a “sun dog” (more on this below). 

Following the Signs

When I asked what manner of creatures these were, the answer I got was: Antherian. I made a mental note of this and proceeded with my rest, and looked forward to the new life that I knew lay before me following the life-changing axiatonal healing I had received.

Some days later I saw a posting on social media about the star Anteres. Then after returning from France to my home in Taiwan, I saw a guy on a scooter wearing a shirt with the word “Anteros” written in block letters in his shirt. And just today I saw a posting on social media showing a fantastic sun dog. So, enough is enough. I had gotten enough hints from the higher powers to write about this.


In recent days, I keep seeing pictures of “sun dogs” – an almost exact likeness of what I had seen in my vision, shown here:


I’ve done some research online for the term “Antherian” and related relevant words. Here’s what I found.

Anthurium is a genus of flower. A radiant light in physical form. 

The girl’s name Antheria is related to Antheia, from the ancient Greek.

This name was transmuted to Anthea, in Roman culture. There is the goddess Athena.  A long time back, I knew a girl named Althea. And I recall a Kung Fu episode starring a very young Jodie Foster who played a girl named Alethea, which is the Greek word αλήθεια for “truth”.

Interestingly, when looking at the Greek word αλήθεια, visually it looks markedly similar to the English word “Angela”.

Antheraea is a moth genus. The notion of moth as a sacred messenger harkens me to Bjork’s video “Isobel” where the Icelandic maiden proclaims, “Moth delivers her message.”

Antherian is a priest character in the World of Warcraft game.

Antheria in Ancient Greek Culture

The seemingly most relevant reference in conventional literature I seem to have found relates to Antheria, a rite of Spring in ancient Greek culture. As J. Nigro Sansonese’s book “The Body of Myth…” defines it:


A sacred bathing likened to a cleansing of the spirit is mentioned here, involving. This is further confirmed here in the treatise “The Lesser Mysteries of Eleusis” graciously provided by Stefanie Goodart, M.A., S.R.C.

According to Goodart,

The town of Eleusis, twelve miles from Athens, was home to the famous Eleusinian Mysteries. People would come from all parts of Greece to be initiated into this cult of “The Two Goddesses,” Demeter and Persephone. The Mysteries consisted of two parts, the Lesser Mysteries, which were conducted in the spring (Athenian month of Anthesterion), and the Greater Mysteries, which took place in the autumn (Athenian month of Boedromion). The Lesser Mysteries can best be characterized as a preliminary purification that a candidate must undergo before taking part in the Greater Mysteries.

Even Socrates comments that one is not permitted to be initiated into the Greater Mysteries without having first been initiated into the Lesser.”

Click on this link to read the rest of the text.

Plutarch wrote that “in mystery initiations one should bear up to the first purifications and unsettling events and hope for something sweet and bright to come out of the present anxiety and confusion.

We live indeed presently amidst anxiety and confusion!

Our Passage through the Lesser Mysteries Rites

These weeks later after first beginning to write these words, I finally feel as if I’ve come to a relevant conclusion on this. In these recent days. I’ve seen continuous discussion about the sun, more postings on the sun dogs, even a grackle (bird) was seen staring at the sun utterly fearless and completely oblivious of the person standing to him.

(If someone can find that bird video, please link it in the comments section below).

So, it seems humanity has passed a level of the Lesser Mysteries, and now we are on the path to the Greater Mysteries.

All seemingly signaled by the Sun, the great Helios.

Looking forward to see what happens now!



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