Body as Activator of New Earth Time Line 1

Energy Absorption

I had spent the entire day in the sun and wind, absorbing their endless and joyful energies, thrilled at the endlessly unrolling scenes of the beautiful place in which I am so fortunate and grateful to live. A happy day indeed.

In the evening just before bed, I felt a sense of agitation. It was not an apprehension of impending doom – but rather a feeling that something important was to be realized. As I lay to rest, I asked for guidance that I might settle down and receive good rest, as well as be shown that which I was supposed to tell you.


After a few hours rest (it’s 2:00 AM as I write these words), I awoke while seeing something.

I was shown that certain memories or elements of the Old Earth time line were – for lack of better wording – being “erased” (neutralized?) in my memory, seemingly so as to eliminate the oppressive heaviness of the Old Earth reality and to make a space for the New Earth as the definitive new reality arriving here in our lives now.

It was not so much an complete erasure of memory that I was seeing, but a change to an aspect of old-timeline memories that was being reprogrammed. As if the memory would remain (for akashic purposes?), but the harsh negativity and heaviness that it bore was no longer tenable to the new selves that we are becoming, so that we could proceed onward in to the coming New Earth reality.

Bodily as Activator & Deactivator of Old / New Time Lines

As I saw this, I was shown that certain parts of this old/new reality shift would be activated by physical agitation or sensations in certain areas in our bodies associated with these shifting realities.

For example, in some belief systems, past events in life are usually associated with the lower back, hips, and the backside of the thighs. People sometimes use “tapping” of these areas to recapture and recapitulate the energy associated with past memories, and to “clear them out” before proceeding onward with life in a new way.

The agitation in our bodies would come in the form of various sensations such as tingling, twitching of muscles (or in the current case for me when I awoke: scratching itchy areas of my side and back), or some other form of body interaction. Through actively interacting (scratching, paying attention to, etc.) these seemingly unimportant physical bodily sensations, we would actually be deactivating old time line sequences, thus leaving space for the activation of the new.

Of Zen and In-the-Moment

This harkens to the notion of the Eight-fold Path in Zen Buddhism’s, denoting the rising importance of being ever-present and ever-aware of each and every thing we perceive, act upon, or think about. These actions of ours now more than ever have everything to do with the creation of our new reality as it unfolds.

Press “Play”

The vision I saw was humorously shown (Angel humor!) was a likening of my body as a computer screen with an app loaded on it. By scratching a certain area on my back, I would actually be pressing the “play button” that would activate the app, thus enabling the sequence of events to affect the needed change.

I rolled my eyes at the Guides’ humor, and I rolled over in bed and re-closed my eyes to see more…

I saw a beautiful iridescent overlay of random crystalline patterns, like the facets of silicone one sees in a solar panel in the sun.

solar panel

These facets were randomly shaped, and represented the unique and random creation of events in our lives.

Messages for You

I am led to relay these thoughts.

That such things as paying attention to one’s body (as many practitioners of “being present” have said throughout the ages) brings about a sense of presence, of immediacy to one’s consciousness.

The body acts as a kind of reprogrammable vessel that serves several functions: to retain a memory of events past, to accept changes that make space for the creation and unfolding of new events, and to actually create new realities and perceptions.

There’s certainly more to us and our bodies than these simple ideas written here. But the image I’m seeing is of the energy body and the lines of awareness that it casts outward into infinity, thus affecting the content within infinity and the time lines of that immediately present reality.

I am reminded of Carlos Castaneda’s mention of the energy body and the “awareness filaments” that he and his mentor Don Juan Matus saw being cast out into infinity. While these filaments number in the millions, they are nevertheless finite and comprise the limitation of human awareness and the human experience.


However, the idea that now comes to mind is that we are actively transforming ourselves, evolving, into a new reality never before seen.

Very important message here: The notion of limitation now no longer applies. We are becoming aware of our limitlessness through our connection to Infinity. While we are limited as humans within the constraints of the human design, we are unlimited as we transform into something super-human!  We are moving beyond human into… We shall see!

We see proof of the emergence of this new limitlessness in the seemingly crazy and random things manifesting in world events. Or the acceptance of previously forbidden or scoffed-at notions that society previously could not accept. I recall seeing recent news that certain hospitals in Australia are allowing traditional healing practitioners to work alongside conventional western medicine. Beautiful!

What’s really good about what we see here is that people are more readily accepting these random manifestations of reality in good stride and a relaxed manner. Freedom rising and becoming manifest.

And now I am returned to the idea of the New Earth presently being brought on-line.

Active Creators!

  • As without: Collectively we are co-creating this new reality of New Earth. The human race is co-creating a reality never before seen. We are witnessing history in the making!
  • As within: We are also creating our personal reality right here where we stand. Life is indeed special for each and every one of us individually!

With body as the basis for manifestation, this is a new and very special time line we are creating here!


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