A Brief History of the Cabal in the US 1

Our fellow brother and Light Warrior Darrell Wayne Bolt was kind enough to lend permission for republishing this brief history of the cabal in the USA, originally posted on FB.

UPDATE 8 April 2018: See a much longer version of cabal history posted here.


How about some Love for the United States of America?

For those around the World who hate and Cuss the United States of America…I ask for some Compassion and Understanding please.

The United States of America has been under attack from the Darkness since it’s conception. Bankers and Businessmen (Cabal) has Conspired to make us Slaves to their interest rates and Dark practices.

Slowly but surely the Cabal has wormed its way into the Fabric of America’s Culture. Thru backdoor business practices, blackmail, murder and sabotaging American values we have been bought and sold for 10 cents on the Dollar.

Thru the manipulation of the Supreme Court, Darkness removed God from our Schools, Courts and All levels of Government. Only the Strong in Faith (lots of Us Seeded here) are able to hold the Darkness at Bay. We Volunteered for this Mission.

It’s not been easy but much better since Love Won in 2012. Since then the Light has slowly and methodically removed Darkness from Plant Earth. We are very close now. Wahoo!

Other than Greed and Power why would anyone go to so much trouble? Only so much money and power exist in the World. So Why?

Simple Answer…THE CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES was created by the Light. The Original Document was to be a Beacon of Freedom to All on Earth.

The Cabal and their Minions worship a Demigod who demands child Sacrifices and total loyalty or death. “They” HATE Father Mother God with a Passion and can’t stand the Light. It’s their Mission to Stop the Light at every turn…they did it well.

The Constitution was created in the United States of America so it’s Freedoms would eventually spread around the Globe. God’s Plan. Peace on Earth….DIVINE WILL can not be Denied.

Some Cabal History in America…

By 1791 the First Bank of the United States was created…it was jointly Owned by the US Govt and Private Bankers (Cabal). America was deeply in Debt and the Cabal got its First attempt controlling America’s Economy.

With Each War America fought ( we’ve only been at Peace for 28 yrs since 1766) the Bankers (Cabal) put Us (and the World) into more and more Debt gaining more and more Power.

By 1863 America was in a Civil War and Broke. Cabal Bankers Financed the North (also the South) but insisted on concessions. Hence the National Banking Act of 1863-64. Written by the Cabal to gain more control over our Light.

Control the Money and the rest will follow like Sheep.

America didn’t get this way overnight…think of the slow digestion an Alligator or a Snake. Same type of Predators. We were slowly consumed by Greed and Hate….Evil (low frequencies)

In 1913 the Cabal made its big move. President Woodrow Wilson was being Blackmailed (Cabal set him up) and needed $40,000 to pay off a Bribe over an Affair.

Cabal gave the money gladly…In return, concessions were made. The creation of the Federal Reserve (Privately Owned by the Cabal), enter into WW1 (Bankrupting America) plus the Creation of the United (Cabal) Nations…Wilson sold out cheap. No doubts He was “Their Man”.

In 1933 a Bankrupted America was in the Middle of the Deep Depression created by the Cabal. Times were Tough. Cabal Crashed the Stock Market and dried up Financing around the World. The Big Squeeze was on.

America filed Bankruptcy and USA, inc was born. President Roosevelt was loaned the Capital to bail America out. Created. the New Deal and the Jibs Act. All funded by the Cabal.

American Citizens was now just another Commodity (Birth Certificates) from that point forward. Think of THE MATRIX…based on a true story…OURS.

The Cabal made the same arrangement in 1931-33 with Hitler. The Cabal was setting the groundwork for WW2.

Thru a Prophesy the Cabals has always known Gods Plan was to return this Blue Water Planet to the Light. The Darkness fully intended to stop God from having it. DARKNESS HATES the LIGHT!

War is always the Cabals biggest money maker. “When in doubt start a War”. Cabal Financiers made huge profits from funding both sides of the War (typical). Also providing Weapons and Technology to both sides. It’s a Racket.

The Cabal continued to Worm their way into American Society by any means necessary… bribe, blackmail, murder or threats… Mafia on Steroids. They used and assisted Organized Crime Lords regularly. Eventuall sharing Drug and Child Slavery profits.

1947 President Truman needed $2 million for his Re-election Campaign. He reached out to J.P.Morgan. A Cabal Minion trained and Financed by The Bank of England (Rothschild). Deal done.

In return Truman was to appointed a US SUPREME COURT JUDGE of their choosing. Truman appointed 4 of them during his Presidency. He was always “Their Man”…even as a Judge. Crooked as a Dog’s hind Leg.

In 1958 President Eisenhower warned us about the Cabal.

In 1963 President Kennedy was Assassinated for trying to close down the Federal (Cabal) Reserve.

Since then Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush sr., Clinton, Bush jr., and Obama has been funded and controlled by the Cabal (Deep State). Hillary Clinton as well. 80% of Congress and 90% of the Senate was bought and paid for.

Its been a “Stacked Deck”…only way to Win was to take back our Soveriengty. Only way to overcome these tramendous obstacles is by receiving DIVINE Assistance. Not to do this for Us. But to Assist while doing NO HARM.

So Greatful! This Swamp is Draining Legally and in accordance to Divine Directives with every breath.

I read one report recently, Benjamin Fulford, an estimated 1 Million Cabal Minions run the show in America. Most are not Satan Worshippers…just stupid and/or greedy. Each is being dealt with in accordance to their Intent and desire to return to the Light. We forgive easily but Darkness will no longer be tolerated on Plant Earth.

Please share some Empathy to Americans who has held the Light through so many lives to preserve Freedom.

The Dream called America has never wavered. God’s Plan has Never been diverted from its Primary Purpose…to elevate Earth to her Glory. A Shining example of DIVINE Love! Returning the United State of America to the Light is part of this Plan…and so it is

So…cut us some slack PLEASE. Its All about the Love. We got enough hate here already.


…fb deleted my previously short post on this topic…so i wrote 100xs more detail in return. It’s just how the Light Rolls. lol


UPDATE 8 April 2018: See a much longer version of cabal history posted here.

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