Jimi Hendrix & The Soul-Coffin Entrapment 1

“Soul Coffins”

In mid-February 2018, I saw that the dark forces formerly running the world had been using (among other things) this coffin-like apparatus that they put targeted folks into immediately after they pass away.

Kind of similar to what had happened to Neo in the pod scene (at 1 min 55 sec) in the Matrix. Except that instead of being fully unconscious, the victim was rendered helpless, this coffin thing comes up halfway over the departed soul’s ethereal body or chest, immobilizes them, drains their energy, and renders them unable to move despite fully being aware of things going around them.

I get the idea the darks used these coffin things to keep certain souls from going into the reincarnation system (like the yaldoboath mechanism – out of commission these last few months) so that they cannot come back and inspire people with their love. These coffins are like a stasis cell that keeps folks from accessing anybody else during and after the reincarnation process on earth. People who are less prone to be inspiring to others through Love were allowed to go through the regular recycling process.

Jimi Hendrix

I first saw this coffin technology when I witnessed Jimi Hendrix being released last year and sent to The Light. He was babbling and struggling to communicate – stuck there all those years – now a beautiful soul set FREE!

Let it be clear: Many of these technologies are now no longer being used, and are steadily being put out of commission!

Send our Mother Gaia your Love and ask her to direct it to wherever she needs healing for herself and her peoples. Let this include the plants, animals, elementals, all beings of all realms who reside here and share this beautiful Home with us.

Let us all be unified by Love! Aho!





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One comment

  1. Excellent!

    “Until one has loved an animal part of their soul remains unawakened”

    Anatole France


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