“The Event” – One Wave Among Many Reply

The Event

I hope these words can help explain the so-called “Event” we keep hearing about, and the confusion it brings.

There are many folks recently who speak about the “The Event” – a seemingly mythical long-awaited moment of singularity that will arrive and transform all of humanity forever. This seemingly as-yet-not-arrived Event comes preloaded with anticipation and expectations for delivery of bliss and serenity for a great many who have no doubt waited for relief for so long. Others see it as a cataclysm that will destroy all.

In recent days also, there is word among the light workers of the gamut of emotions: with some feeling agitation, elation, despair, disappointment, confusion, resignation. Many say they want to give up. Others, upon seeing the wonderful changes happening here on Gaia, feel elated, For them, these changes foster a renewed hope for a brighter days ahead. These people wonder at the things they are witnessing, as they see history in the making. They see further changes that will come in the future, bringing ever more light into a growingly brilliant landscape that is our New Earth.

So, you see?  There is a range of emotions we are collectively feeling now. These feelings change rapidly – instantly – and this can lead us to feeling pretty confused.

Many of us now exclaim, “Enough already!”

A Vision of  “The Event” as a Wave

I was cogitating all this when I suddenly saw something. I perceived a wave of all this change now sweeping the landscape. I saw that this wave was a representation of the recent surge of energy many have said was filled with Christ Consciousness.

I was drawn to focus more closely, to see the details on what was happening, and to explain these details to you. At this wave saw the following…

At the Crest of Wave

I saw loads of processing going on. Not only were the human inhabitants of the earth being affected, but all others: the plants, the animals, and the beings we collectively have called “the darks”. I was brought to focus on the darks, as they were the most transformed.

Among the dark souls being processed I saw a broad range of emotions unfurling:

  • Utter indignation and bitterness to the end. Some of these souls just want give up until their time comes. And like the stalwart badger, they fight until the inevitable finally overcomes them. Evil incarnate, they literally know no other way to exist. I saw their consciousness dissolving, or rather disappearing, and traveling onward to the lower realms to continue their soul’s journey down below.
  • Resignation. Upon seeing the inevitable, these ones shrugged their shoulders and gave up. They knew all along what brightness was coming. Disillusioned and utterly disappointed at the undelivered riches they were promised for playing along, these souls disappeared also to the lower realms, perhaps to learn where they went astray.
  • Neutral. Some were literally asleep until the very end. Not realizing what was happening nor that through their inaction or dull indifference, they had a hand in it all. Their essence transported to a not-so-lower realm, perhaps to learn how to take on awareness as a form of personal response-ability for one’s own life and actions.
  • Hey! My Big Break. These folks inhabited the beginning of the “brighter side of darkness” (if there is such a thing). They saw what was coming all along but remained entrapped, ensnared in their fate as a dark force. But through a brightening aspect of their actions, perhaps hidden under a facade of darkness and evil, through their actions they somehow implanted a sense of rising up. They fully knew what they were doing was wrong, and they patiently awaited their Big Break – a one in a million chance to escape the hell they literally helped create, but wished would end. These folks gladly went to a place, any place (even no matter how low) as they saw this as something better than the place they were leaving. A new opportunity perhaps to do something better next time around.
  • Ready Acceptance and Loving Transformation. These folks are very aware of what happened, where they stood amidst all past events in the dark scheme of things, and even knew that what they did was wrong, but are absolutely willing to do anything to change that if given the chance. These souls took two paths from what I could see:
    • The first kind passed on and returned to Source, perhaps to deliver their experience as their stories will be valuable to those with waiting ears, perhaps then to receive healing and receive their next assignment.
    • The second kind of these “brighter darks” readily received the loving forces of Christ Consciousness and were readily transformed into a viable Force of Light. These folks are resilient enough to live on somehow, to stay on here on Gaia, and perhaps to work with other Light Workers to help bring in the New Earth.Regarding these ones who chose to live on in some incarnate or energetic form, I am reminded to speak now of a light worker I saw some months ago on a video broadcast.She was a warrior, armed with proverbial weapons of spiritual awareness to do fierce battle with equally fierce forces of dark. In the video she said she was receiving much flack and negative criticism for allying herself with formerly dark entities that had “turned to The Light.” Her critics complained that these formerly dark ones still retained a veneer of their dark aspects. Some even claimed that she was in alliance with the dark. I won’t go into whether such endeavor is right or wrong (I am not their judge). But I point out that these dark ones who recently turned to Light, may be of the kind working with this warrior.

Of course there may be those very few darks (I would say, very few) who turned to Light who were so readily and utterly transformed as to accept a wholly new energetic configuration that exudes Light-ness and the Love it brings, with little or none of the dark pall that brought them down before. In this world of new opportunity, such seemingly impossible scenarios are now possible.

Such were the broad range of entities and the emotions being released as I saw them transform at the crest of the Event Wave of Christ Consciousness.

The Sharpness of The Wave

I now must comment on how the details of the wave appeared amidst all this processing.

The appearance of this wave can be likened to a wave we would see at the beach. Upon close observation, an ocean wave is continuously transforming: rising, falling, swelling and then later becoming smooth. Within this wave of Christ Consciousness were all these, but also there was an aspect of crisp relentlessness that was for lack of better words indeed “sharp”.

Behind the Wave

Behind the crest of the wave was the space and its inhabitants that had just been transformed by the wave. The prevailing feeling here was one of both relief and release. Those who had been waiting for this are rejoicing in the change the wave has brought.

I also saw what were hints of… not of true darkness… but rather unresolved issues and other make-stuff that originally arose from the dark times. People were bewildered by the recent wave and the profound change it brought to them. For myself, I still sometimes grapple with the idea that humanity is now seeing the beginning stages of an era marked by “freedom for all.

In Front of the Wave

The area toward the front yet unaffected by the wave, I saw those darks who were waiting the impending change, including those hopelessly mired in distraction so as yet to remain unawakened – soon to be rudely awakened. Shells uncracked soon to be rent open.

The Event Comes Preloaded with Our Shit

Along with everything described above, now add the following.

I mentioned earlier that “The Event” comes preloaded. But understand those people anticipating The Event – even those with the very best of intentions – are the source of such preloading. In simple words, it’s our shit, our heavy baggage that – if left unexpurgated – will bring us nothing but misery.

All of us to some extent have expectations of what Life should give us. While some expectations are reasonable, time and time again we have seen that unrealistic expectations are a trap, a setup for disappointment and trouble.

Preconceived notions about The Event need to be swept aside. Read more here about unrealistic expectations, and how they can be replaced instead by Hope filled with Light.

The Event is what it is: a manifestation beyond reason, an inexplicable force of nature beyond reasoning, transforming all. Mystery and beauty become manifest.

The Event as an Ongoing Process

What if  The Event came as more than just one wave, but instead as several waves in an ongoing process? Think about how this would serve us.

We have all been told at some time that too much change too fast is too much. Without proper time to acclimate to such profound change, this change could possibly even kill us.

So doesn’t it make sense that instead of seeing “The Event” as a singular wave? What if we see it as a span of time whereby several waves took place? This allows us to change and adjust in stride with the birthing energies of the New Earth.

“The Event” as a name is a misnomer.

See it perhaps as not an event, but a work in progress – an “era” comprised of a series of manageable changes.


Hopefully all the details above have provided some insight into the many things that have happened in recent days. The emotions, the turmoil, the “sharpness” of the wave.  So why all this detail?  Well…

Perhaps you’ve been feeling bewildered, strange, are suffering physical calamity, or are beset with “ascension symptoms”.

Given that our bodies are made of at least three-quarters water, aren’t we indeed the perfect receiver for all the emotional energy described here?

The prevalent energy we feel today is… well, everything!  it’s all kinds of energy, including those many mentioned above. So doesn’t it make sense that you feel dazed and confused?

So stop being hard on yourself in thinking that something about you is wrong – the cause for all this turmoil. That you are sensitive to these changes is a noble attribute. To be empathic is not something everyone is capable of.

But while you are involved (entangled perhaps) in these world changes, know now that you can step up and manufacture your reality. Amidst all this emergent chaos and confusion, isn’t that what we are challenged to do now? To accept a formerly unrecognized power within to become Creator / Co-Creator of this world we call “New Earth”. Thus…

Welcome, Creator!


P.S.:  If you are truly empathic, check out a great new book “Empath Toolbox” by Melanie Robinson.  In this book you’ll discover new tools on how to … well, just read it!


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