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In a previous post, our fellow brother and Light Warrior Darrell Wayne Bolt was kind enough to lend permission for republishing this brief history of the cabal in the USA, originally posted on FB.

Now for a much longer and more detailed version.

An Insider’s Testimony to World Control Systems

I ran across this long missive on Facebook from Dan Willis, a man claiming to be an insider on the goings-on within the elite AKA the cabal AKA the Illuminati AKA the black hats AKA “the darks”.  Bear in mind what he says here has to do mostly with recent cabal history, and does not speak to the many atrocities of the cabal’s older and even ancient history.

While much of what he writes of here seems preposterous to many, consider the time and many resources that the darks have been able to develop after literally eons of stealing taxes that have gone who-knows-where.  Consider the technological breakthroughs – among them the “new” holographic technology that has recently been released to the public. Indeed reality has begun to stretch its boundaries, with no seeming end.

In any case, Dan’s message below lends many details to a reality he claims to have seen, a reality that is further corroborated every day by a growing list of ex-government and military insiders whose testimony bear the same message:

There is much we haven’t been told. 

Dan Willis’ Message

The link to Dan’s original message is here, but I have copied it below on the chance it is deleted or goes missing.

Global Awakening Perception Check of my Facebook Friends

I’m just curious how many of my Facebook friends are aware of what secretly happened over 63 years ago on February 11, 1955, with the US government with the Nazis and the corporations of the military-industrial complex, in events that have unfolded that to bring us up to today’s world? A curious consensus, if you will, of the agreed upon reality of you my friends. Which only the NSA fully knows.

Responses might go something like…

[A] I’ve known all about this for some time and aware of much more
[B] This expands and corroborates what I have previously researched
[C] I know there is something going on, but not sure if all of this information is accurate
[D] This is all pure conjecture, with no basis in facts
[E] This is based on “Conspiracy Theories” or “Fake News” or possibly even “Russian Propaganda”
[F] Dan Willis is a disinformation agent, probably covertly working for the CIA or KGB

This is a bit long, but hopefully informative to some.

A Little Historical Background

For the last 17 years, since I went to Washington to testify back in 2001, I have been researching in regards to a larger picture of an apparent hidden reality. Which the public, in a fairly large percentage of the population, for the most part, has no idea what happened. It’s not that it’s their fault, this has been due to an infiltrated generational indoctrination process, involving an intense well-orchestrated effort of perception management which keeps secret this hidden reality from the masses up to present day. Although it is hidden in plain sight for those who look or even have the time or motivation to look. The gross misconception is that this subject matter has no direct implications or impact on our lives.

This reality, when first revealed, sounds more like a bizarre science fiction movie plot, and therefore due to its incredibly different nature from our generational indoctrination that forms our daily reality and beliefs, its very nature serves to maintain its secrecy.

With our nation becoming more seemingly divided on several issues, which has in a large way been engineered and influenced by agendas of the controlled mainstream media narrative. We need today to educate and bring people together to realize we have been pitted against each other for an agenda of those behind the scenes, who have been using psychological warfare on the masses. It is not about “us and them”, it’s about all of us that have been essentially hoodwinked and deceived for many decades. The deceptions are what need to be exposed that can unite humanity in the realization of this common truth affecting all of us, and how we can transform it for the good of everyone.

If it wasn’t for the many leaked classified documents and hundreds of witnesses/whistle-blowers, it would continue to maintain in secrecy from the public. Efforts have been made in different ways to bring awareness to these testimonies by many individuals, such as my artist friend Doug Auld, who used his artistic talent as a message medium by painting a hundred witness/whistle-blower portraits in an effort to bring attention to these and so many other witness testimonies to alert the public. Once you have become aware of this hidden reality, you have in a sense, contributed now as a witness yourself.

I by no means have all the answers, far from it. I am only one of over 500 credible military and intelligence witnesses that attempted to alert the public back in 2001. But for anyone who seeks, the answers have a way of coming to light. My mother’s family came from France, and she was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She used to say that there was an old Argentinean saying that “the devil always forgets to put the lid back on the cookie jar”, and so it appears to be the case.

This is my current understanding of this hidden history thus far. I’d be curious to hear others perspective on this. As no one person has all the answers.

I’ll start this story with what happened on February 11, 1955. This is a very significant date that was a major turning point in history, that you purposely won’t find written in our history books. On this date, our legal government had lost control to an infiltrated military-industrial complex, in which President Eisenhower was forced to sign a treaty with the Nazis who had an existing alliance with an extraterrestrial race that has been operating here on Earth with its hidden operations to present day. The Nazi SS did not conquer the U.S. through military means during World War II, it did so through a silent coup in February 1955 through infiltration and psychological perception operations.

So you might ask how did this situation occur?

As revealed in the recently released JFK Files that were suppressed for 25 years by George H.W. Bush, which revealed that President Kennedy’s murder was not done by a lone gunman as the Warren Commission concluded and that Adolf Hitler successfully escaped. This includes Heinrich Himmler with thousands of Nazi SS and scientists to Argentina and the Antarctica base before the end of WWII.

The Nazis knew the war was lost, as they could not compete against the industrial might of the United States. Although they did have very advanced anti-gravity spacecraft being secretly developed that was aided originally from information channeled by a team of psychic girls serving the Vril Gesellschaft. These girls were telepathically receiving plans from a benevolent group of Nordic extraterrestrials (Scandinavian in appearance), in which Dr. W.O. Schumann from the University of Munich found viable physics in their channeled information. Based on this information, a craft was developed and successfully flown by 1934. Eventually flying disc development was later taken over by Division SS E-IV of Hitler‘s Third Reich against the peaceful ideologies of the Vril. During this time, Hitler’s SS entered into an alliance with a predatory race of reptilian-type extraterrestrials called the Draco that was living underground in Antarctica, who assisted in their technological advancement.

Note: The vast majority of ETs are benevolent or benign according to my witness friend Clifford Stone, who had direct knowledge and testified in Washington with me in regard to the 57 different species that have been already cataloged by 1989. As a retrieval team member and telepathic empath, he had a number of direct face to face encounters with some of these beings. It appears the universe is filled with an evolutionary spectrum of intelligent life that, for the most part, are more evolved than humans here on Earth. In actuality, science has shown that all is consciousness and all beings and things are interconnected as one, yet we do have a spectrum of varying degrees of realization of this oneness as beings evolve. In this process through the jungle of life, it’s important also to have the discernment to know the difference between bunny rabbits and alligators, as we do here on this planet.

The Draco reptilian race gave the Nazis fully operational craft and helped them in the production of their own fleet. US Navy spies were embedded in these operations and were reporting back with their findings, of which William Tompkins (recently deceased witness who was well documented) was tasked with disseminating these technical reports out of Naval Air Station San Diego to major US aerospace corporations to attempt to decipher and reproduce the Nazi/ET technology that was decades ahead of the United States.

The existence of this Nazi/ET alliance was also substantiated by Dr. Hermann Oberth, the father of modern rocketry, who was Dr. Wernher von Braun’s mentor. When he stated, “We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped.” When asked by whom, he replied; “The people of other worlds.”

In 1944 the treasure of King Solomon is discovered by the Nazis in Montsegur in Southern France. This added to the great wealth the Nazis had already accumulated throughout Europe. In Operation Eagle Flight they pulled out all of their financial resources and setup 750 front corporations and planned to operate from the underground through these corporations.

Since they knew they were losing the war, the Nazis had devised a comeback plan to infiltrate within the US with the help of their Nazi sympathizers, comprised of many of the banking elite that originally funded Hitler. Their plan was through the use of psychological/sociological warfare of indoctrination over multiple generations that would create a “Matrix of Perception” in order to hide their infiltration and their operations.

The Nazis called this plan Weltanschauungskrieg, which translates to mean “World View Warfare”.

How this plan was accomplished:

Allen Dulles of the OSS/CIA was highly instrumental in the Nazi infiltration plan. Dulles was at the 1933 meeting with Hitler as a lawyer representing one of the banks that originally funded Hitler to bring him into power. In 1945 Dulles brings in Major General Reinhard Gehlen head of Nazi Intelligence along with his network of more than 3,500 Nazi spies into what is now the CIA, thus using our National Security apparatus as a cover for their operations. Dulles working with SS General Karl Wolff allows the escape of over 5,000 Nazis of German war crimes tribunals by providing them new identities. Dulles and Nazi General Gehlen falsify Soviet intelligence reports to President Truman, who wanted to shut down the CIA. They did this in order to maintain funding and expand their CIA operations. Dulles also is responsible for protecting and laundering Nazi assets into America and headed “Operation Safehaven” recruiting Nazis into America. Dulles even assisted Hitler in his escape to Argentina. Later Dulles as head of a newly created MJ-12 group drafted the assassination directive that was used against John F. Kennedy when he attempted to make inquiries into the secret MJ-12 operations.

In 1946 right after the war, several events of this plan were initiated. Through Operation Paperclip, Nazi scientists are given false backgrounds to circumvent Truman’s anti-Nazi policy and are brought into what today is NASA. The agency that keeps us believing we need primitive rockets to overcome gravity and hides and denies the presence of ET craft visiting our earth.

The Rockefeller Foundation had the school textbook history of WWII completely rewritten so school children and future historians would have an incomplete limited account of the war, omitting key historical elements that would reveal the Nazi escape and infiltration, as well the Nazi connection with the occult sciences. The control of perceptions extends into many areas of science in this area. In 1957 it was revealed that there was a major effort involving over 30 major universities all over the world and hundreds of highly respected scientists to silence the truth about what we knew about the powers of human consciousness from the public, and how each of us can affect the co-creative collective reality.

Xaver Dorsch, who was Hitler’s top underground base expert, who designed the massive underground facilities in Nazi Germany, which housed and controlled an empire of slaves working for the Reich, was brought over in Operation Paperclip to work for the US military’s “Underground Plant Program”, and started building massive underground facilities starting in New Mexico, which today has expanded to total well over 129 of these huge underground facilities connected by Mag-Lev train tunnels, as testified by one of the underground base engineers Phil Schneider. These have been witnessed to be joint military/extraterrestrial operations utilizing slave labor, a key ideological principle from the Nazi SS.

The Pharmaceutical industry was also infiltrated by the Nazis according to William Tompkins, who stated “The Nazi scientists that came over in Paperclip took over the aerospace and biomedical operations within the US. One of the first Nazi biomedical takeovers was Scripps Research. Eventually, the highest positions within the US pharmaceutical industry are in their control today.” The Nuremberg Trials of Nazi Germany included I.G. Farben who was Hitler’s largest financial backer. After the trials, I.G. Farben was split into some of today’s major pharmaceutical corporations such as Bayer who now owns Monsanto. They brought along with them another key Nazi ideological principle of Eugenics. Today many people are becoming aware of the toxic effects of vaccines in our bodies, GMOs in food, fluoride in water and chemtrails in the air. The pharmaceutical corporations also influence the textbooks of a medical doctor’s education, who receives minimal if any knowledge in nutrition, while ruthlessly suppressing alternatives, such as the nutritional therapy that fully cured my mother of cancer that the medical doctors said she would die from.

By 1950, Allen Dulles started the critically all important and essential element of their plan, the control of the mainstream media with Operation Mockingbird. In which today the higher executives of the major media outlets are controlled by the CIA working with psychological think tanks to engineer the public’s consent toward their agenda. Using journalists as “non-official covers” for the CIA that provide them their information. Today they have consolidated their control over what once was over 50 to only 5 major media corporations controlling most of what you see and hear. Later in 1953, Allen Dulles is also responsible for creating the MK-ULTRA project for their mind control program.

In 1951 the entertainment industry in Hollywood came under their control in Project Dove. Hollywood released their first movie on extraterrestrials “The day the Earth stood still”, whose content script has been coordinated through CIA/USAF liaison psychological operations for the purpose of influencing and seeding the public’s perception about extraterrestrials which continues in the entertainment industry today.

The dangers of secrecy and of the Secret Societies, which John F. Kennedy attempted to warn the public about, were also employed, utilizing their secrecy and chain of command structure which had been infiltrated as far back as 1776. Many of their members are in key influential positions in private and governmental structures throughout the world. The full agenda is known in the higher inner circles of the 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemasons, Skull and Bones and the Knights of Malta who collaborate with Vatican Intelligence.

Their infiltration plan was successful and continues today.

James Forrestal, fully aware of the Nazi situation, sent Admiral Byrd in 1947 with a large military task force called “Operation High Jump” to attempt to destroy the Nazi Antarctica base, but instead, they are attacked by the Nazi flying discs and badly defeated, with all of their aircraft and some ships destroyed.

Later in 1947, only two months after the Roswell recovery/coverup incident, President Truman initiates the National Security Act which creates the CIA and the USAF, as well as the first MJ-12 group assigned specifically to oversee these secret UFO/ET operations. Later, a month after I was born in 1949, MJ-12 member James Forrestal, in conflict with other MJ-12 members in his wanting to alert the public about the Nazi base and infiltration, is murdered by throwing him out a hospital window.

The Nazis had a two-decade technological advancement over the United States, which did not develop anti-gravity craft until October of 1954. The United States initially began its research and development program which started back in 1942, in what is known as “The Battle of Los Angeles”, where anti-aircraft guns fired over 1,430 rounds at over a dozen unidentified objects flying over the night skies of Los Angeles. Two of these drone type ET craft were recovered. The Air Force and the Navy both took one of these crafts to their separate facilities to reverse engineer. While this beginning effort to study this technology was just starting in the United States, the Nazis in 1942 had already established a base on the moon.

Project RAND was set up to study the implications of all of this and covertly for the development of space vehicles. The Air Force brought in a large amount of money into project RAND, where Project RAND then turned into the RAND Corporation, taking dominance and forced the Navy to develop its own secret program independently. This is significant, as this represents the separation between the current secret space programs secretly operating independently today between the Air Force and the Navy and their separate extraterrestrial alliances.

By 1952 the Nazis discs fly in formation over the capital in Washington D.C. to intimidate President Truman, as our technology was completely outclassed by their flying discs. President-Elect Eisenhower coming into office after Truman received an MJ-12 briefing on the UFO/ET matter. He assigns Allen Dulles as the director of the CIA.

Several major events occurred in 1954 which lead up to the February 1955 treaty. Eisenhower has a first contact meeting in Feb 1954 with Nordic type extraterrestrials in California who asked us to dismantle our nuclear weapons and offered to assist us in our spiritual development. This was refused by the corporations tied into the military-industrial complex since they offered no advanced technology for the military in exchange. So no agreement was made. This the Nordics said was because we are not spiritually advanced enough not to misuse it. The Nordics attempted to warn us about the other race which was not to be trusted.

Eisenhower’s plan for the 1954 world disclosure event therefore never happened.

In May 1954 in the Netherlands, the first of yearly ongoing meetings, of what is called the secretive Bilderberg group commences. Created by a former Nazi SS officer and Knight of Malta, the group gathers every year since then the worlds most influential people in finance, media, and other key areas to further their agenda. They are usually very influential in supporting the selection and election of world leaders that support the group’s directed agenda.

President Eisenhower needing plausible deniability on this matter, had Nelson Rockefeller restructure the CIA and MJ-12 operations completely separate from oversight of our legal government structure. This essentially put our legal government without any jurisdiction. So future presidents and heads of intelligence, who would normally have a “need to know” would be denied access if these secret operations are discovered. These operations are normally not discovered to exist due to the use of Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAP) where these operations are completely unacknowledged to even exist. The CIA moved their secret MJ-12 operations from Dayton, Ohio to Area 51/S4 in Nevada. After this restructuring, Eisenhower was then denied access to these facilities. It wasn’t until he threatened to invade the base with the military that they allowed two agents to report their findings of a number of craft being reverse engineered at S4 and the extraterrestrial presence there.

Note: Decades later in 1993 outside of Area 51, I secretly filmed (because no recording devices were allowed) the first public meeting with scientist Robert Lazar disclosing the reverse engineering work he was doing on the ET craft at the S4 facility.

In the February 11th, 1955 meeting Eisenhower had with the other extraterrestrial race connected with the Dracos at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, a formal agreement was signed for the USAF and CIA to work directly with the Nazis and their extraterrestrial alliance to develop squadrons of anti-gravity spacecraft for a USAF run secret space program.

That same month Eisenhower created a Secret Executive Memorandum NSC 5510 which created all new members of a permanent MJ-12 committee, putting Allen Dulles as MJ-1 or head of MJ-12 operations, with other asset members to the Nazi infiltrated cabal as members. Witness Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin on Eisenhower’s staff during that time, testified that Eisenhower was troubled that he lost control to the corporations tied into the infiltrated military-industrial complex and that Eisenhower expressed conservatively that “it would not be in the best of hands”.

After this agreement, the US military-industrial complex began assisting the German/Nazi space program by providing it with resources, and most importantly, personnel. This led to a rapid increase in the use of slave labor, another key Nazi ideological principle involving human rights abuse.

All of this was done, of course, without advice or consent from the Congress or the public at large, who have been taught to believe we won the war with Nazi Germany back in 1945. For the extraterrestrial technology exchange, the deal provided a top-secret operations facility at Area 51/S4 facility in Nevada, as well as other areas such as the underground facilities at Dulce, New Mexico and elsewhere. In trade, these extraterrestrials were granted covert random access to the American population for genetic sampling.

A few important witness statements regarding all of this:

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover – MJ-12 member – Knight of Malta
“The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face, with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil, which has been introduced into our midst . . . It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy, which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

Colonel Phillip Corso
“We had negotiated a kind of surrender with them as long as we couldn’t fight them.”

William Tompkins
Tompkins testified in reference to this development of two completely independent secret space programs, one affiliated with the CIA / USAF with the Nazis and Draco ET alliance, and the other with the US Navy and the Nordic ET alliance. Tompkins served as one of these specially selected individuals, or “preferred human contactees,” they would form a critical role in helping establish a covert alliance between the US Navy and Nordic extraterrestrials. Such an alliance had to be covert, due to the infiltration of the military industrial complex by Nazi Breakaway groups and their Reptilian allies, which had occurred as a result of formal agreements between the Nazi-Reptilians and the Eisenhower administration, beginning at Holloman Air Force Base in February 1955. The Nazi-Reptilian alliance would increasingly co-opt many elements of the US military industrial complex over time, including key components of the Air Force, the RAND Corporation, the Central Intelligence Agency, and even the Douglas Aircraft Company. Slave labor begins for the military-industrial complex and German/Nazi space program after these agreements were reached in February 1955, the US military industrial complex began assisting the German/Nazi space program by providing it with resources, and most importantly, personnel. This led to a rapid increase in the use of slave labor, which coordinated closely with its Reptilian allies.

William Casey – CIA Director – Knight of Malta
“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

So this is what secretly happened on February 11th, 1955

But the story does not end there, and there does appear to be a HAPPY ENDING, but not without some major awareness shifts and some intention to create that on our part.

Briefly, a few more important details in the chronological timeline of significant events that followed to bring us up to present day…

In 1961 Eisenhower gives his famous farewell warning speech, stating that only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can protect our future liberties and freedom from the misplaced powers within the military-industrial complex. John F. Kennedy was also well aware of the Nazi technologies from his background in Office of Naval Intelligence, including being on James Forrestal’s staff to review these advanced technologies in Germany in 1945, as well as being briefed by Eisenhower.

Kennedy shared Forrestal’s desire to inform the public of this situation. Unfortunately, Marilyn Monroe was involved in an affair with Kennedy and learned too much, as a CIA wiretap done by CIC James Jesus Angelton under the direction of Allen Dulles, revealed that she talked on the phone about “a visit by the President at a secret air base for the purpose of Inspecting things from outer space.” and ” origins of crashed spacecraft and dead bodies” and ” threatened to hold a press conference and would tell all.” and ” made reference to her “diary of secrets” and what the newspapers would do with such disclosures” and so she was silenced the day before her planned press conference to reveal all.

Kennedy like Eisenhower, and every president after him since Feb of 1955, has been denied access or given very limited knowledge. When Kennedy tried to get information to review MJ-12 group operations from CIA director and MJ-12 head Allen Dulles, Dulles setup the MJ-12 Assassination Directive. Stating “As you must know LANCER has made some inquiries regarding our activities which we cannot allow" and "action to this matter is critical to the continuance of the group." Kennedy fired Allen Dulles due to his discovered nefarious activities.

Kennedy's assassination occurred only 10 days after his CIA/MJ-12 inquiry to Dulles' CIA replacement and Knight of Malta, John McCone in 1963. Recently released JFK files that were suppressed for 25 years from public release by George H.W. Bush, whose family line going back to his father Prescott Bush who funded and supported the Nazis, reveals that it was unquestionably a conspiracy. The Warren Commission on the assassination of Kennedy, where Kennedy once warned about the dangers of secret societies, was ironically made up of mostly all 33rd degree Freemasons and headed by Allen Dulles, which of course determined to the public that there was no conspiracy.

After much public questioning of the commission's conclusion due to numerous inconsistencies, the CIA put out a memo to its agents to call anyone questioning the commission's decision to be labeled as a "conspiracy theorist" to discredit them. This ploy is still effectively in use today against those who challenge the controlled mainstream narrative, implying a theoretical unfounded basis or an ulterior motive for financial gain etc.

Less than a month after Kennedy's assassination, President Truman, the man responsible for initially creating the CIA, publicly stated "For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government” and that it had “become a government all of its own and all secret. They don’t have to account to anybody.”

In 1969 when I was in Naval Communications with a high level top secret clearance, I received a secret priority message from a US Navy ship near Alaska reporting a glowing reddish-orange disc that was 70 feet in diameter visually witnessed by the sailors merging out of the ocean off of port bow and shooting straight up into space, traveling an estimated 7,000 mph tracked on radar. This craft very possibly came from a deep undersea base and is what originally seeded my questioning of this reality.

During this time frame, the Apollo astronauts had just landed for the first time on the moon. Studio produced moon footage was created by Stanley Kubrick and substituted, so as not to reveal what the live video feed from the moon was showing, as witnessed directly by William Tompkins, who was working with TRW on the Apollo mission, as he and others observed the fleet of huge spacecraft of the Dracos lined up along the far side of the lunar crater around the lunar module. The Dracos essentially told the Apollo astronauts “Finish a total of six of your Apollo missions; take your photos, pick up some rocks, go home, and don’t come back.” and that is why we did not go back to the moon. Ham radio operators back on earth were able to receive directly the lunar module's transmissions and bypass the temporarily blocked NASA transmission (blamed on an overheated camera) and heard Neil Armstrong say "These babies were huge, sir!... Enormous!... Oh, God! You wouldn't believe it! ... I'm telling you there are other space-craft out there ... lined up on the far side of the crater edge! ... They're on the Moon watching us!" NASA has since stated that they have lost the original Apollo lunar tapes.

By 1980 the US Navy had secretly launched its own highly advanced fleet of spacecraft with the assistance of the Nordic ETs completely separate from the USAF space program which was tied into the agreement made in February 1955 which formed an alliance with the Nazi/Draco ETs that had effectively infiltrated the defense intelligence agencies that work with what some are now using the term the "Deep State" and the cabal's assets are called the "Black Hats" and their military force is called the "Dark Fleet".

In 1993 due to the Rockefeller Initiative, which was for the releasing the UFO/ET information to the public, President Clinton had his CIA director attempt to gain access, where he was also denied. In a meeting with the CIA director James Woolsey, Dr. Steven Greer became aware that the channels of government have been infiltrated and compromised. He then consulted with military advisors and a decision was made to start collecting not just a few, but hundreds of military and intelligence witnesses, along with corroborating classified documents attesting to this hidden reality. The senior White House reporter Sarah McClendon who sponsored the 2001 National Press Club event, quoted President Bill Clinton in response to her question as to why he was not doing anything about the UFO/ET disclosure, as saying "Sarah, there’s a secret government inside the government, and I don’t control it."

In 1997 Dr. Greer and astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell met at the Pentagon with the Intelligence Division Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Vice Admiral Tom Wilson, who upon investigating a provided list of Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP) (This is one of the methods used to keep these operations unknown to our legal government) the admiral discovered that, even being the head of intelligence, he too was being denied access and told Dr. Greer “Well, as far as I am concerned, if you can get people who know about this matter to talk on the record, you have my permission to go to the media with this. This group is illegal.” Essentially giving the go-ahead to get this information to the public at the National Press Club with these witnesses.

In May of 2001, over 450 military and intelligence witnesses were collected over the years, and 20 of them, of which I'm one, went before the National Press Club in Washington DC to give testimony in order to bring about a congressional hearing. Each one of us stated that we were willing to testify under oath before Congress. Briefly, some of what was disclosed was, that our government, including presidents and heads of intelligence, have been denied access to these projects that are taking in trillions from unaccountable funds, and that advanced technologies that would eliminate the need for oil, nuclear and coal have been withheld from the world for over 70 years within these black unacknowledged projects, and that we had the scientists to prove it before a congressional hearing. Faster than light anti-gravity craft have been developed since the 1950s. A base was discovered on the dark side of the moon. NASA has been airbrushing out the UFOs before releasing to the public, and that the astronauts are told to keep secret what really happened on the moon. 57 different species have already been cataloged since 1989 interacting with Earth. Nuclear missile bases have been completely shut down by UFOs. etc. etc.

Any of this, of course, would have alerted the public that was being covered by the 22 cameras of the mainstream media networks lined up in the back row of the press club reporting. Naively at the time, I was thinking that this was going to be a world-changing event if all of this was revealed on the evening mainstream media news. As it turned out, the first hour of the online broadcast was jammed by the NSA. The mainstream media effectively sanitized it thoroughly and did what the Intelligence Agencies term a "Limited Hangout". Essentially editing it in such a way as to make it appears that the sole objective was to simply to have a congressional hearing on the reality of UFOs and that we want Congress to know that "we are not alone" in the universe, while carefully omitting testimonies that would raise a lot of further probing questions by the public regarding illegal secret rogue operations.

Interestingly, one of the witnesses that worked with Werner von Braun, who told her on his deathbed the plan they had for a number of future planned false flag events, ending with a hoaxed alien invasion. The next in line is a terrorist false flag event. That terrorist false flag event actually occurred as they apparently planned, only four months later on September 9th that same year.

In 2002 UK computer hacker, Gary McKinnon was inspired by the testimonies he heard given at the national press club that surfaced over the alternative media of the internet. In the pursuit to learn the truth for himself, he hacked into the US Space command computers and discovered the US Navy space fleet along with a list of non-terrestrial officers, as well as images of a huge Navy spacecraft that was part of a deep space battle group. The Bush administration wanted to put him away forever for that.

Since the scientists within these black projects were denied the congressional hearing we were seeking by the Bush administration, which could have proven we have environmentally friendly technologies to get off of nuclear, oil and coal and could have stopped the future grave environmental damage that was in later years to occur, such as the Gulf Oil Spill and Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown. Not to mention the disastrous wars in the Middle East based on false evidence which involved the control over oil.

Dr. Greer working with a large database of civilian scientists/inventors set up a corporation to bring out these technologies instead through the civilian sector. Due to my technical background, I volunteered, and for the next 10 years starting in 2003, assisted as a technical advisor in attempting to bring about an energy solution from civilian scientists and inventors and traveled the planet with my friend professor Ted Loder in vetting these "outside of the box" or Zero-Point-Energy technologies. My wonderful wife Rebecca was fully supportive and joined me on this sometimes dangerous quest to bring forth an energy solution that could easily power every home without consuming any fuel or pollute the environment with nothing to ever wear out.

There are brilliant minds on this planet that have come up with thousands of solutions. The infiltrated elements utilized our national security apparatus through the patent office and had setup a secret system called the "Sensitive Application Warning System" (SAWS) So that any scientist or inventor that comes up with a solution to get off of these primitive and dangerous energy technologies of nuclear, oil and coal or even anti-gravity, are given a "National Security Order" (NSO), which states that the release of your invention has been deemed to be a detriment to national security, and they are silenced from releasing these earth saving technologies to the world. Some even being murdered to maintain this suppression. Many thousands (5,000+) of these NSOs have been issued, essentially hijacking the technological future of our planet, while their hidden breakaway civilization continues to greatly technologically advance in secrecy.

Although they have almost complete control of the mainstream media, the alternative media of the internet was outside of their perception management control. They are afraid that the sharing of information in the alternative media is posing a threat toward a “Global Awakening” as Brzezinski stated in 2012. As Snowden revealed in multiple released documents, that they are attempting to manipulate the online perceptions using perception management teams of military sock puppets, NSA trolls, and CIA shills. Today in 2018, the originally CIA funded companies of Google, Youtube and Facebook are changing algorithms to attempt to further control and manage our online perceptions and counter or censor "conspiracy theory" content. This is not to say there is not either purposely or ignorantly placed disinformation on the internet, which is another psychological tool to be used to confuse new researchers by effectively 'muddying the waters' to distract from credible information sources. This technique can also be used to justify greater censorship in the name of protecting the public from "fake news" or false "conspiracy theories".

In 2015 the ex-Minister of Defense the Honorable Paul T. Hellyer said publicly "The US is in grave danger from enemies from within" in an attempt to alert the public of this infiltrated element that poses a threat as a "domestic enemy" operating from within. Something that each of us who have served in the military have given a sworn oath to protect the Constitution against.

Interestingly that same year, when asked about disclosing the UFO reality, George H. W. Bush replied with “Americans can’t handle the truth”.

Well, maybe we can. The good news I see happening today, which has the potential to transform this situation are the following elements...

Looking back to February of 1955. President Eisenhower aware he had lost control due to the 1955 treaty with the infiltrated elements, secretly decided to put in an institutional safeguard for the future using a special USMC intelligence unit that would provide a back up plan put in place to protect our constitutional form of government against a domestic enemy, just in case the 1955 agreement led to a full infiltration and a take over. A sign that this happened occurred in Nov of 2017 when a Marine Expeditionary Unit with troops did a show of force flying over CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA for a full 30 minutes to send a message and counter rogue CIA operations.

Behind the scenes, the Navy and the Marines with the assistance of the Nordic ETs have been dismantling the Nazi cabal to a large extent and their Draco ET allies. Witnesses involved in the secret space programs have revealed that a consortium of extraterrestrial races that have been conducting long-term genetic engineering of humanity has been told to end its interference with Earth. My understanding is that in the past we have been genetically altered by 22 different ET groups.

It is reassuring to learn that the more benevolent Nordic ETs have technology that is far in advance of the Dracos that has been shared with the US Navy/USMC in their secret space program.

Recently in Dec 2017, unlike the limited coverage of the 2001 National Press Club event, ALL of the controlled Mainstream Media outlets disclosed in a full coverage media blitz about the Pentagon's Classified "Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification" program to detect UFOs to the public, showing the 2004 USS Nimitz incident of a jet tracking a UFO 100 miles outside of San Diego. This was done to slowly seed the public awareness in preparation for disclosing the UFO reality. This partial disclosure was allowed at the highest levels that control the mainstream media for a specific purpose. Following that media event, which appears to have spearheaded bringing forth the UFO reality into the public's awareness. Today the mainstream media is continuing to seed with more UFO-related events appearing in the news with greater frequency. Stay tuned, much more no doubt will be forthcoming leading up to either a partial or full disclosure.

The cabal's assets in the past have used false flag situations in order to have the justification to put the legal framework in place that supports their agenda, such as after 9-11 the Patriot Act, Project Bioshield and the NDAA to name but a few. In contrast, and most likely due to the current administration not being a member of the secret societies or being a Bilderberg selected asset that was unexpectedly elected, an Executive Order was created in Dec 2017, no doubt with consultation by his military advisors, blocking the property of persons involved in serious "Human Rights Abuse or Corruption”. Practically all of the assets of this cabal are involved in either Human Rights Abuse or Corruption, allowing this order to be used against those involved in human trafficking and other corrupt activities. Which up to now, have otherwise been protected by powerfully placed cabal assets. The same day this order was executed, the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, traveled to Guantanamo Bay Prison with a thousand marines for the purpose of greatly expanding the facilities. Since Oct 2017 to Mar 2018, there are over 24,544 sealed indictments awaiting to be revealed.

The Nazi/Draco/CIA/USAF Military Industrial complex etc known sometimes as the Deep State cabal, tied into the 1955 agreement, is pushing for a partial or limited disclosure in order to protect itself from being tried for crimes against humanity in military tribunals if the world becomes aware of their hidden human rights abuses and corrupt criminal activities. They will attempt to use publicly well known individuals to put forth their partial or limited disclosure narrative, assisted with their control of the mainstream media, which would in effect hide the full illegal extent of these operations and attempt to spin the narrative in such a way to make them look like the innocent good guys so they won't be held accountable for these crimes against humanity. I believe there should be amnesty given to those willing to cooperate, as many have been essentially entrapped in these illegal operations that they can't get out of without facing dire consequences. I believe this is needed in order for the world to move forward toward full complete disclosure, with more witnesses coming forward.

The US Navy/USMC/Nordic alliance is aware that only through full disclosure will it allow humanity to evolve unhampered by these manipulative elements affecting the people of earth for so many decades. The lies need to be exposed.

Dr. Michael Salla who lives in Hawaii, has revealed in his research that the false missile alert on Hawaii back on Jan 13, 2018, was an attempted false flag missile attack by the CIA's "Dark Fleet" (a Naval aircraft carrier battlegroup with ballistic subs) that was destroyed by the USAF secret space program (SSP) that is now working closely with the Nordic races. The USAF have largely abandoned the Reptilian/Fourth Reich for having lied to them about advanced technology. The big shock to the USAF SSP was how powerful the Navy SSP had become due to Nordic assistance. The USAF guys want the better technology, so becoming a responsible planetary steward is a key condition for working with the Nordics, hence why they shot down the CIA missile, averting a nuclear attack as a false flag implying North Korea.

Recently, new indications show that it may not be that the Nazis in Antarctica, in which the Feb 1955 agreement was initially made, that may be the problem anymore, but rather other dark remaining elements elsewhere.

Although these inside intelligence reports have yet to be fully substantiated. A recent report came out in February this year regarding a meeting in Bariloche, Argentina with the then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson about a meeting with the Nazi faction of the world military industrial complex, which has reportedly agreed to align itself with the "light side of the force". Implying that in the near future, this Nazi technology, notably anti-gravity hyper-sonic air travel and other advanced technologies will be made available to the “surface population,” of the planet" according to the sources.

The history of this Nazi Antarctica civilization originates with Heinrich Himmler, who became a believer in the Hindu concept of world-ages or Yugas. He believed that the current age, or Kali Yuga, would end in a global cataclysm, thereby giving birth to a new world-age called the Satya Yuga. By sending a Nazi colony to Antarctica, Himmler was ensuring that a remnant of the "pure Aryan race" would survive the coming cataclysm with its society and culture intact. They would then take possession of Antarctica when the cataclysm melted the south polar ice cap. In 1942 Himmler transferred 2,500 Waffen-SS soldiers to Antarctic Base 211. Martin Bormann then transported 10,000 selected out of 500,000 of the most racially pure women between the ages of 17 and 24, they were called the Antarctic Settlement Women or ASF. In a ratio of 4 women to each man, several generations of these racially pure Germans have been living in Neuschwabenland under the 2-mile high ice shelf that is also shared by an alien race, and it is here where they developed their German secret space program.

In 1944 Martin Bormann escaped to Argentina and made Barilcoche a hub for a postwar Nazi capital that was near where Hitler resided after his escape. After the February 1955 covert agreement with the Eisenhower administration was made with the US military industrial complex and the Nazis, Bariloche has since been a meeting place of several presidents, starting with Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1960, William Clinton in 1997, and Barack Obama in 2016. All visited Bariloche ostensibly for economic development and/or environmental protection. The real reason may well have involved covert negotiations with leaders of the German SSP out of Antarctica, as the intelligence report implies. The new generation of Nazi leaders, now in their 30s, according to this report, renounces the genocidal plans of their fathers and grandfathers and wishes to share now their technology with humanity.

A great amount of research work has been done on this topic by Dr. Michael Salla in his latest book that I am currently starting to read, that was just recently released on March 25th this year titled
"Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs"

Editor's note: Also see articles about Antarctica here.  

There are a lot of good people in the military and intelligence community that know who the cabal's assets are. They have been called for lack of a better term "White Hats". It was these people that allowed the 2001 press conference to happen amongst death threats. Fortunately, there are large numbers of these White Hats, much more than there are of the Black Hats, otherwise known as the cabals assets, and they are working toward greater disclosure of the full truth in support of our Constitutional Republic versus the cabal's plan for a "new world order" enslaving mankind.

The cabal has always been afraid of the inherent powers of consciousness we possess and our ability to affect the co-creative collective reality, of which there has been an exponential growth in our awareness, due not only to the alternative media but through the collective mind we are all a part of. This shared mind is becoming more apparent every day.

There is also the aspect that the truth has the power to resonate within us, whereas a lie does not.

So what are the implications of all this?

Breaking free of the Feb 1955 treaty and the release of suppressed technologies across every area of science would completely transform the world as we now know it.

Imagine a world without continual false flags creating wars, (like the Gulf of Tonkin which I had to serve in combat action in Vietnam) technologies to clean up radiation and decentralize power distribution, by decommissioning all nuclear power and coal plants. Allow every home and business to have its own unlimited clean source of power which would remove the need for the grid and its ugly EMP/CME susceptible transmission wires. Advanced medical technologies could replace the corrupt pharmaceutical industry. Power for the desalination of the oceans for clean fresh water for irrigation delivering organic food for everyone. Transportation would retrofit vehicles to run on water then eventually be replaced by electric and even anti-gravity vehicles, that do not require recharging with onboard power generation. Being a peaceful civilized planetary culture would open up exchanges with other advanced off-planet cultures. Well, you get the picture. Hardly anything would not be affected, and this is what the world needs to realize the transformative positive impact of this. The transnational corporations that profit from the trillions derived from our obsolete energy industry would not like this, but the Earth and its population would.

Many years ago I wrote a creative visualization along these lines years ago called "Imagine This" Today, like a premonition, this visualization appears to be coming into reality.

My online notes to share on all of the above in greater detail are at www.thewebmatrix.net This research effort started because of a media company request in 2014 wanting me to write about the control of the mainstream media in regards to UFOs and Disclosure, being an ex-ABC newsman and a witness. Since then, as new witnesses/whistle-blowers continue to surface I update and add these to the mosaic of corroborating information with documents and references which all indicate the very high probability of this hidden reality in which more and more indicators surface.

Apparently many people are now catching onto this reality coming from a wide variety of different perspectives. When you think about it, it would seem even more improbable that 500 military and intelligence witnesses whose testimonies corroborate would be fabricating this information. I would not feel motivated to share this information unless there was a potential of transformation through the spreading of conscious awareness regarding this false perception matrix that all of us have all been born into, and how each of us, through the power of our consciousness, can affect the mutual co-creative collective reality we all share in order to create a better world based on revealing these truths.

Nothing is more powerful than a hidden truth whose time has come to be revealed to the world, through all of us.


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