New Nasca Lines Discovery & “The Peruvian Conveyance” Reply

Words Spoken

Mostly when I get abstract information, I’ll see it in some odd manner.  This time it wasn’t a vision, but rather words that I heard spoken from the ether just after I had woken up to roll over in bed. The words I heard were:

“Peruvian Conveyance”

As usual, as I lay there in bed I was absolutely baffled.

I made a mental note of this and went to back sleep.

News of the “New Nasca Lines”

When I got up in the morning to start the day, one of the very first items I saw (coincidence?) in the news was of some freshly discovered structures etched in the ground in Peru – additional “new” Nasca Lines to accompany those found decades ago in Peru.

Coming from National Geographic, the news tells of:

Peruvian archaeologists armed with drones have discovered more than 50 new examples of these mysterious desert monuments in adjacent Palpa province, traced onto the earth’s surface in lines almost too fine to see with the human eye.

I think Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion also mentioned this article, and further mentioned whether this may be a hint on human origins.

On the idea of “lines”, my immediate thoughts were that this “conveyance” could be about the recent geomagnetic activation work that Rick Jewers and similar luminaries have been performing on activating the new grid and accompanying ley lines that comprise the New Earth.

Editor’s note: See the update about the lines at the bottom of this article.

Taken with a Grain of Salt

For the time being it seems NatGeo are the only folks reporting on this. And with them as a MSM mouthpiece, we can rest assured we aren’t being told the entire story behind this.  As usual, it’s best to take what news is given to us with a grain of salt.

The notion that these are “newly discovered” lines is a figment, as the article states:

“…the older Paracas glyphs were laid down on hillsides, making them visible to villages below.”

So, these glyphs have not only been around for a long time, but have been known about for a long time also. It seems a local academic has made some pronouncement and generalizations already based on… what???  Here is what he said:

“Most of these figures are warriors,” says Peruvian archaeologist Luis Jaime Castillo Butters, the new glyphs’ co-discoverer.

Limited Info for Now

For the time being, we are given limited information about this.   I will update this article later at bottom if I discover more.

Here is an accompanying video supplied in the NatGeo article.

Here are the accompanying still images.


Many of the newly discovered Nasca lines are too faint to be seen by the human eye, yet visible when captured in low altitude by a drone camera. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY LUIS JAIME CASTILLO, PALPA NASCA PROJECT


This newly discovered Nasca line feature, captured by a drone, consists of several straight lines with no discernible pattern which were likely made at different times and for different purposes. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY LUIS JAIME CASTILLO, PALPA NASCA PROJECT


Ancient Peruvians created geoglyphs like the Nasca lines by moving stones to define edges of the lines, and then scraping the top layer of earth between the edges to reveal lighter soil beneath. ART BY FERNANDO G. BAPTISTA/NGM STAFF



UPDATE 8 April 2018:

Just got word from a very reliable source that the “Peruvian Conveyance” has to do with integrating the Peruvian peoples into their empowerment of Now, and it is related to a new 5D ley line node near Acari in Peru.  In January 2018 the area experienced a 7.1 scale earthquake.


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