Your Playground for Practicing New Levels of Perception Reply

Lift Off

I was on the airplane taxiing for takeoff. Nowhere to go just now, nothing to do. So I lay back and relaxed.

It was as if my mind peeled off of my brain, and it arced upward like the hood of a car opening up. I backed up and away.

I ran into something, like a car backing up and hitting an unseen obstruction from behind. The edge of immediate perception had reached its limits. I pushed it further, and met with some resistance.

After a moment I was gone, and had arrived somewhere else.


Around me was a gridwork arranged in perfect rows to the left and right, fore and aft. At each grid node was a point of light. Upon asking what these lights were, I was told that they represented the attention of certain individuals who were able to and who had agreed to rise up to another slightly higher level of perception.

The place I had arrived at was plain and flat. It too was delineated with a kind of gridwork, which quckly faded away after our arrival. This gridwork was to tell me that this place, while it looked natural on the surface (like dried grass and dirt), it was a construct made just for us arrivals, or rather it was made for our perception as it was at this point.

The Playground

After a few moments the gridwork construct disappeared, revealing this very plain… playing field. The idea immediately then came to mind that this place was a playground for us to learn new skills in a more or less safe environment. Perhaps it was so safe that anything practiced here (whether well-performed or a complete mistake) would have no adverse influence upon any world. It was a mere playground. A buffer zone for learning.

Upon further seeing this place, I understood that while it had no features to start with, this would soon change, as it would soon fill in with features, develop and grow. It was like an empty playground awaiting the arrival of swingsets and other apparatuses. Some of these things would be scenarios, situations, advanced constructs of the mind, and wonders previously beyond the former constraints of our imagination.

And all of it would be of our creation.

A Springboard into the Beyond

I had the feeling this place is where we would shake off the dying shackles of our former limitations, and begin a new blossoming into skills of performing of formerly inconceivable feats. And at some point we would be ready to move onward to the next phase.

A springboard into the beyond.


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