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If you happened upon this article, then this is no coincidence. Trust your path.

A Vision of The Split Dream Body

I was prompted to write these words by something I saw in a split-second vision.

I saw a dreaming body (the dreamworld equivalent of the physical body) walking along, with a second identical dream body hanging onto the shoulders of the first body, literally being dragged behind the first dream body, posing a heavy burden on the first body’s shoulders.

I pondered this scene’s meaning and this is what I came up with.

The first body doing the walking is the active part of one’s “dream body”. It is that part of us closely associated with our autonomic nervous system. While the autonomic system helps to keep us breathing, our heart pumping, eyes blinking, the purpose of the dream body is that feather-light inclination that tells us to move onward when we most feel like giving up. It makes us get up in the morning when the alarm goes off, motivates us to drag our asses outside and go to work. And just like many other aspects of our lives, our subtle dream-motivator has been beaten down to the bare minimum to where it can barely keep us alive.

The first dreaming body I saw was supporting the burden of the deactivated secondary half of the dream body. The fact that I saw this now is an indication of a rising awareness of this sordid state of affairs for these two halves. But this is also an ushering in of the awakening of a magical “dreaming function” formerly untapped within us.

My vision depicted the dilemma of many people (you too?) within the world. But all this is changing now. In recent days, you are becoming aware of your inactive dreaming half.


Being “Forced” to Dream or See Things?

Whether they want it or not, many people across the world are recently being “forced” to experience dreams or have visions. A great many have asked for this, and thus are not forced, but rather accept this as a gift quite gracefully. Some are absolutely overwhelmed or stunned by all this.

Why are Dreaming and Vision on the Rise?

In case you haven’t noticed it, this world of ours is going through extreme fundamental changes.

Without going into detail on why or how, Earth is evolving rapidly. It shows everywhere. Seen most obviously in the bizarre play of world politics, there’s also loads of scientific evidence to support the globe’s evolutionary change. If you seek it out, you’ll find thriving discussions about it in scientific journals, on social media, and as news on some private sites like Transients.info and its accompanying Roundtable Discussion forum.

With us as key residents of this ecosystem, in order for us to survive, we have to evolve as partners with our evolving Earth. If we cannot evolve or choose not to evolve, then we must leave. This fact is evidenced by the sharp rise in celebrity deaths and family members in recent years. Indeed we have also seen a unprecedented rapid loss of animal life on Earth. It’s all for the same reason.

If you are still alive now, it’s because you have accepted the challenge to evolve with Earth. You are to be congratulated! But a challenging path lies ahead.

Not Your Conventional “Dream”

Within your work space or motivational speaking circuit there are many so-called “visionary” business leaders who tell us “I had a dream of doing (something) as a child. I kept that dream, I worked on for years until it until it became a reality.”

Well, this example is a practical “real-world” version of a dream. But this is a very limited rendition of dreaming.  VERY limited.

The dreaming function I speak of here does have ties with the practical world. But what I speak of is a font of creation that dwells within you, until now untapped for most of your life. But now lately, you are becoming more conscious of your dreams – mostly the kind that inhabit your sleep. Later these dreams may intensify into visions (more on that later).

This is nothing to fear. This is a part of your awakening. Something indeed to be celebrated!

A “Symptom” of Our Evolution

As one of the side effects of Earth’s evolution, you’ll soon see is the rise in the appearance of these dreams or visions.

For those who feel they have never dreamed, you should know that you have always been dreaming. You just don’t remember them. The mere fact that you have started to dream: this is good news. It’s Mother Nature’s invitation for you to go even further. The prize: you’ll get to know yourself better. You’ll begin to see there is much more to Your Self than you could have ever imagined!

Dreams & Visions

If you have dreamed before, then dreams will intensify or become more meaningful. Perhaps dreams become more clear or increase in frequency. Your dreams may become more vivid, perhaps even so clear that in the middle of a dream that you’ll think it’s actually “regular reality”, but maybe with a few twists. In these cases, it’s time for you to do your research on the term “lucid dreaming”.

For those who now see scenarios or have extremely vivid sensations while awake, the usual term for this is called “having a vision” – or for followers of the visionary Carlos Castaneda it’s called seeing. For the sake of simplicity, let’s say a “vision” is to experience a dream scenario while one is fully awake.

Whether you are having a vision while wide awake, or a dream while deep in sleep, in this discussion I’ll call all of this dreaming or the dreaming function.

The Dreaming Function

Human perception is literally limitless. For us to be able to perceive places and feelings outside of what’s normally accepted, it’s a gift.

The New Dream-Time Requires Immense Flexibility and Discipline

In observing other realities outside the rigid space and time of normalcy:

  • You have to learn to relax and become fluid in order to sustain the ability to remain within that reality.
  • If dreaming comes to you as second nature, then you will require a degree of rigidity (discipline) to retain this vision.
  • Dreaming also require no small measure of detachment.

Much has been written about dreaming, especially lucid dreaming. Look up this term.

Time & Space Are Different

In Australian aboriginal culture, there is the concept of “dream-time”.

In ancient Greek culture there were two words for “time”. One was kronos – the typical time that we know in regular reality. Kairos is time as it manifests meaningfully, at the right moment, and it resides within the realm of the dream world.

In more recent discussion, there is talk about the same concepts using different words: linear time (conventional reality time) and non-linear time (the space where where time has no meaning).

Dream-time, kairos, non-linear time: This little known aspect of time will be part of the backdrop for dreams and visions in coming years. It will bring confusion to some, so no small measure of detachment is appropriate here. You will have to take incoming information from dream with a big grain of salt.

As for spaces witnessed in dreaming, the playing field is open. There are no set rules. Conventional physics are not exactly in play: anything goes. Many folks experience flying in dreams, or will perceive things or places not seen in conventional reality.

A Gift

Read up on dreaming and what it has to offer you. At this time in history, it comes now as a gift, not as the nightmare we have been programmed to view it as in Hollywood.

No matter what the context or data that comes through, the dreaming function will serve you as a formerly untapped source of information. A gift in a sometimes strange but beautiful package!


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