Empowerment of Divine Masculine Reply


Within this last day, the collective masculine on Earth just got past a really difficult hurdle. For us men, we have finally earned an endowment for self-empowerment.

It showed up in the spike on the right (in the accompanying Schumann Resonances* graphic). That’s when it happened. After this we’ll be seeing more good stuff happening, especially if you (men) take take the initiative to make it happen.

Try experimenting with stuff that’s normally difficult for you, and see how much easier it is to do it. Gets better as time goes on.

Sacred Divine Female, Ladies, Empresses: Thank you for being so patient with our crap. We honor you, adore you, and invite you to enjoy and share the gifts now and yet-to-come as equals.

And we say with endless gratitude:   Thank You!




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Schumann Resonances and a scientific interpretation of them 

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