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“Controlled folly does not mean that nothing matters to a warrior. On the contrary, it means that a warrior acknowledges that he does not know all the questions, much less the answers to all of life’s complexities and mysteries.

He honors the unknown and unknowable, remaining open and fluid instead of pretending that he knows everything. He never exhausts his power building and trying to maintain castles made of sand. He realizes that he can not anticipate the workings of the Spirit.”



Controlled Folly

In lightof his focus and detachment,a spiritual warrior also understands thathis life consists of equally important acts, and these actionsare also equally unimportant. Sounds like a contradiction in terms doesn’t it?

Thispremise warrants further explanation because it is critical to afull understanding of the warrior mentality. It raises the following question. If all of our acts are equally important and unimportant, why should we bother with the Golden Rule or have personal integrity? Why not be like so many others and worship at the altars of greed and avarice, if it does not matter what we choose to do? What about morality and ethical concerns? Do we just throw them to the wind?

The answer is controlled folly, as described in Carlos Castaneda’s ” Journey to Ixtlan.” Here is an excerpt from his dialogue with the NagualDon Juan.

Don Juan is speaking to CC:

“I am happy that…

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