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Pass This On… Please!

I was asked to share this, what I saw in vision the other day. I’m certain those people who need to see this will get to see it.  If you feel that what I relay here doesn’t apply to you, that’s fine.  Just please pass this on – so that the people for whom this was meant will get the message.  Thanks!


Okay, so major changes coming forth across the Earth are rapidly advancing – not just every day, but even moment by moment. And it’s so exciting to witness!

Among the many things happening is that people are being activated. They are being energized and allowed to start understanding what their purpose here in this place during this lifetime is.  The very fact that you are reading this means that you have already begun this activation – A definitive call to your purpose in life.

Life Purpose

The people who agreed to come here to Earth also agreed to serve a specific purpose.  While it’s a mystery as to what the details are, more and more people are coming to see what their purpose here is, and how they can begin to function as a part of the global team of folks assisting Earth with her ascension.

As you open open your heart and mind to what’s happening around, and perhaps after some time fumbling at a few first tries, you fall into the flow that is your life’s purpose.  Some people become experts at spreading the word, as we see more and more people sharing what they know. Others are gaining a reputation as healers (both in-person and remotely). An the list goes on…

Communicators – Sometimes for ET Races

No doubt with everything going on at innumerable levels, people of many different races, along with the animals, the plants, and indeed Gaia herself as a whole are all involved in a complex interweave of communication.

I was asked to provide this information for people who will specialize in a very specific form of communication.  While we see many people providing a rather broad message to assist the population as a whole, there will soon be communicators emerging whose job is to provide specific messages to and from the ET folks and the people of the earth.  These communicators might be privy to the content of these messages, or they may just serve as a carrier for the communication – like the chasquis  the agile message runners of the old-world Incan empire.

The Outer Right Arm

I was shown that, upon activation, those of you who will volunteer as messengers will feel an activation in the outer part of your right arm, in specific nodes or isolated areas of  right arm that are associated with the vibration or frequency of the communication pathway that some of the ET races and other people use to send their messages.

All people are different, so you may feel a mere tingling on the arm. Some of you might feel pain. And yet others will just suddenly become fully aware and acknowledge what’s happening with a mere shrug of the shoulders.

As for the communications themselves: Some of you will be inclined to decipher and pass on your the messages. Some will just serve to receive and merely relay the message to someone else.  Given the complexity of the world now, there may be other modes of communication and message relay.  Let’s see what happens.

Specific Communication with Specific People

I was also shown that certain nodes on your right arm would align with certain races of ETs and no doubt human folks with special and evolving abilities. For example, I was shown that the top node was aligned with the Arcturians, and another node aligns with the Althenian people.

While Arcturians are considered an ET race, they very well may have been (are?) long-term inhabitants of Gaia for eons, as seems to be suggested by all of the discussion on social media and the documented rush of activities in Antarctica. In this respect we can call them sisters and brothers to the humans also living here on Earth.

As for Althenians, this was the first time I’ve heard of them.  More on them later as events emerge.

In any case, I say thank you for being the communicator that you are – whether you’ve communicated through relaying this message, or serve as a message bearer for the folks who have asked for your assistance.

Thank you! 

UPDATE May 15, 2018:  Many people have already messaged me discussing and affirming the information relayed here. Many have stated that they feel pain in their right arm in the area noted, and they ask for help in working with this pain, as well as more information on what their arm’s activation entails for them.

While I was asked to relay this information, I am unable to provide more detailed information for each individual, and I ask that you accept the challenge to pursue the meaning of your activation as you would pursue the meaning of your life, as they go hand-in-hand.  If at this point you feel you need outside assistance for interpreting your own experience, then I recommend consulting a healer.

I do strongly recommend that you contact one or more of the several “remote energy healers” who may be able to help you. I have consulted with several here at some point for various issues I have had, and thus can recommend them personally as “legit” and very capable wonder-workers.

In case you don’t know already, “remote energy healing” is a method of transferring healing energy to you remotely, without the need to physically go to see a therapist. Remote healers might be able to assist with karmic, behavioral, and physical health issues.

While remote healing may be able to help with your issue, it is not necessarily meant to be a full replacement to “conventional” western therapy. So, if you’re seeing a physician, continue seeing them as usual, and consider your work with a remote healer as a supplement to your efforts.

The remote healers I recommend are:

Michelle Eves (Australia)

Melanie Robinson

Kaye Burro

Henda Zaghouani

First ask them whether they can help you. (Some are directed not to help some people). If yes they can help, then make an appointment with them for a session.

Ask them how the session is conducted. For example, ask whether you can “chat” with them live during the session via FB messenger, or whether they wish to do it silently without your feedback. If silently, I strongly recommend you turn off all WiFi, cell phones and other forms of radiation to reduce those forms of interference. Whenever, possible, do not expose yourself to these forms of radiation at any chance you get.

Anyway, this is good info to start with.

Please let me know how your journey goes in the comments section.


I’ve written about other ET communications, which you can read here.


© 2018 John Helios / Helios Journal™ – All Rights Reserved Worldwide – Duplication Prohibited



  1. Thanks for the email. I just replied to you. I see you’ve added that info in an update here – great! If you receive any further information on this subject, please post here. I’m subscribed so I’ll see it. Thanks again!
    – Danielle

  2. I need more info on this please. You posted it 3 days after I went to the emergency room for pain that started in my right shoulder and radiated to my elbow and even to my hand at times. It was like I’d slept on it wrong & got progressively worse for 11 days. One day, I was alone in my home and started feeling like I was in a vortex – everything was spinning. I got nauseous and vomited. This happened 3 times. I have had heart issues in the past and was afraid this was cardiac-related. My husband arrived home and I told him to take me to the ER. After 6 hours of tests, they ruled out everything and sent me home with pain meds for my arm and anti-nausea meds.
    So tonight, I was clicking around various blogs and following interesting links in the comments for about 20 minutes. I somehow landed here and read this post at 11:11 on 5/15 (11) 2018 (11). So, you can clearly see why I feel this post was written for me and can understand my need to know more. After reading it and noticing the time, my heart began to race and I felt a slight wave of nausea come and go. Funny thing….today is the first day that I have felt very little pain (mostly near the elbow) compared to a 24/7 thing for so long.
    Anyway, sorry for the long comment, but I needed to tell this story and reach out to you for any further info you might have received.
    In love and light, I thank you for your words and hope to hear more soon.

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