“Lay Low” Day Today Reply

Today is a “lay low” day.

Big energy coming in, and it’s actually better sometimes to just sleep it through and allow your Higher Self deal with it without having the heaviness of your ego-self get in the way.


Author’s Note: The attached image is a capture of the Schumann Resonances, which is a scientific measurement of the cumulative low-frequency energies coming into Gaia now. Read more about the Schumann Resonances here and by doing your own research. 

The HeartMath article linked above is somewhat dated.  While I appreciate that the HeartMath Institute has done some good reporting on the effects of electromagnetic energies on humans, BUT… It would be nice if they updated their 2009 article (now nearly 10 years old) to these modern times. One important factor they don’t take into account in this article is the that humans (and all life on earth for that matter) are adapting to the change in the energy mix.

The notion of programmable DNA is becoming more mainstream now, and we have to take into account that we humans are much more adaptable than we were taught we could be!

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