Four Kinds of Time Lines for Individuals Reply

Dream Info Again

One of the biggest topics of conversation among the community is the concept of “The Event” and how people will turn out as a result of its all-encompassing transformation. There are also loads of discussion about “timelines”, which can be likened to a pathway of events that the collective of Gaia residents will follow as our beloved planet-ship progresses in her evolution.

While much is spoken of in terms of “the collective”, I was led in dream a few nights ago to see one perspective of an individual’s “future” via the concept of timelines.  I was shown at least 16 different timelines for individuals coming in the near future. I will share the four major ones below, whilst the remaining others I saw were variations of these main four here.

Keep in mind, all things are becoming more fluid. So I would not interpret what’s shared here as written in stone – as we approach a state of lesser solidity…  That stone may very well melt and vanish as time goes on!

Gaia-Concordant Time Line

This first type of timeline is associated with a rising vibration of energy and has everything to do with Gaia. Those are people who have evolved and developed themselves significantly as individuals, sometimes in cooperation with like-minded friends and family. These people will find themselves following a timeline that matches Gaia’s evolution as she rises up. These individuals are in alignment with (love) Gaia and have partnered with her to stay on in some way with Gaia as home. While this is a personal choice at the soul level, no doubt there are many people involved in this movement, and thus many of these people are dedicated to helping others who wish to stay also.

The exact manner of the Gaia Concordant Timeline for individuals is yet to be seen. Some say it involves a gradual transformation

Departure Time Line

People of this timeline have basically done their work here, fulfilled their contract, and thus they will depart Gaia perhaps either with a clean slate and open mind, or for a predetermined destination elsewhere to which they are bound.

Reincarnation Time Line

After departing Gaia, there are those with a clean slate and have not yet committed to their next destination. Depending on their experiences previously on the planet, they may feel as if they have unfinished business or want to expereince the beautiful evolutionary show as it unfolds, and so may choose to return to the planet. Maybe they may want to live again in human form, or as an animal, elemental, or perhaps even a new life form that might appear in the evolving lifescape.

Lower-Realm Time Line

Without any judgment here, there are those who absolutely cannot accept that there is an “ascension” in progress, or at least a transformation of our world in a significant way. For these people, there is a space and time(line) that will accommodate this mode of belief and thinking. Guided greatly through a realm of fear and similar lower perceptions people who follow this timeline will need more time to finally experience whatever it is they need to a finish, and then finally work on ascension.


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