“Sleeper” Warriors are Activated Reply

I was listening to one of Aluna Ash’s videos today, where she brings up an interesting concept of some people’s contribution as former “sleepers” in Gaia’s evolution.

What she says here is there are many people who agreed in contract before coming to Earth to fulfill certain roles, but do so unconsciously. As an example she makes mention of people such as nurses or other health care workers who have powerful innate abilities to help transmute the pain of the people they work with. Sometimes perhaps even transmute the energy and consciousness of people as they die and pass on to their next phase in existence.

As we live in a world of possibilities, of course this is absolutely possible.


I have seen others de-fuse tough situations with gifts all their own, sometimes just by being there. Just by standing there. Others by handing a cup of tea or water to someone who really needed it.

There are other times whereby just listening to someone else’s problem, without even suggesting a solution, one may help another clear up a obstacle and open up a path to the next step.

Temporarily Activated

There are times when people are suddenly become activated from the sleepy humdrum of the everyday pace of life. They activate when the time comes, even if only for a moment.

People driving on the road may see someone assisting another whose car has a flat tire, and in so seeing this they experience a growing feeling of gratitude and appreciation that there are people out there willing to help a stranger. This is their activation. The people seeing this roadside favor would make them even wish for a chance to help someone like that. And when their time came to help, they were more than ready.

My friend Lan here in Taiwan (a place still greatly beholden to traditional ancient Chinese culture) told me she once went to the hospital to see a doctor for a check up. While waiting her turn with the doctor, she noticed a young lady who was utterly devastated, sobbing uncontrollably while facing away from the crowd in the lobby, yet still so obviously unable to stop people from seeing the scene she was making.

Intending Healing

My friend Lan relaxed and intuitively saw into the situation.

In a traditional Chinese society, this girl had perhaps committed the worst of crimes. Lan realized that the young girl (in her late teens it seemed) had come alone to the hospital in shame, as her parents were horrifically ashamed with her for having become pregnant while unwed.

In the olden guilt-ridden traditional Chinese culture, the woman would be so ashamed sometimes as to throw the just-born child down a well – sometimes jumping in along with the child to end her own life also. 

That the girl stood there alone wholly unsupported by her parents was bad enough. That the man who helped impregnate her was not there either was a further unbearable shame.

Lan said she began to cry as she felt the burden of this poor child’s plight. But then she bolstered up as she heard her name being called to go see the doctor. Before walking down the hallway to the doctor’s room, Lan cleared away her sorrow and filled herself with strength and inspiration.

Lan stood up and approached the girl, handed her a tissue, and spoke softly to the young lady, saying that she had been given a gift that of a difficult situation that she would learn to turn around and transform into a really beautiful gift. In saying this, the young girl never looked up, but started crying even more, but this time nodding her head in gratitude for the support she had received from this stranger.

Lan walked away, feeling both relieved and thankful, for she knew the young lady would rise up and realize her own power in good time.

These are all examples of previous activations that help prepare for “the big one.”

“Big Time” Ascension Activation

In this accelerated pace of Gaia’s ascension there is another form of activation taking place now. As time passes more and more people are suddenly cognizant of their life’s purpose. They know what they are here for and know how to go about their mission.

One such example was of another friend who in a moment of quiet suddenly perceived energy surrounding himself suddenly brightening, broadening, and rippling across the entire world. Basically his energy went out for miles and miles and to help transform the energy of the land and the beings living there. That was my friend’s new-found job.

He got an unwelcome confirmation of his activation within a few days by being mercilessly attacked by the darks who got wind of his breakthrough. While unpleasant, this served as a “good enough” confirmation of his newly activated power.

For other people, their activation could be in the form of anything. Because the world needs help in many different forms. Some could be healers. Others just listeners. Some people are here merely to activate others, by reaching a helping hand down to those still struggling to wake up.

The one theme that these activations seem to have in common: to assist Gaia and her people (animals, plants, and others included!) to rise up.

Have you been activated? What is your special gift?

Share in the comments below!


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