Spirits in Groups Sent Home to Source Reply

One thing to keep in mind is a recent development brought to my attention the other day:

More and more spirits – not necessarily the intentionally dark nasty folks – but spirits of people, animals, entities, etc., who have not been able to go back to source through no fault of their own, will be showing up in larger groups to certain people and asking for help. Those people they ask usually have the innate ability to help send these souls home.

In my session with a healer, we found that’s what was causing me to be so nauseous and dizzy recently. The yucch these spirits had been carrying around was kind of dumped on me.

Luckily we were able to see into this, and we sent these folks back up to the Sun.

Anyway, pass on the word that these folks will be showing up more and more in groups to be sent home.  Send them on their way!

PS: Here is further mention about warriors being activated who can send these folks home.

Have you been activated? What is your special gift?

Share in the comments below!


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