Debts Forgiven 1

I have just awoken from dream state where I was shown that all debts were forgiven, and whereby all crimes committed as a means to pay off debts (“robbing Peter to pay Paul”) were likewise absolved.

Before me scrolled thousands of documents that were  the contracts signed by debtors, all of them now nullified.

I also saw that this all somehow had to do with the liberation of restrictions that have been put on creative proprietary works such as music. These restrictions were of the kind that Prince (the former musician) and others like him fell victim to in their early careers, whereby the recording companies virtually took all rights away from them as far as ownership and redistribution of their life works.


UPDATE Sunday June 10 2018: I just heard the word “Geldwechsler” mentioned in my mind. This is the German word for “money changer”.  According to various sources, June 11 is supposed to be the first day of earnest activity for the global currency revaluation (GCR).


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