Discernment of Your Feelings in the Coming Days 1

Dark Feelings

One thing you have to keep in mind during all of this purging that’s going on in the following months is that everyone all around you is purging their feelings and their garbage so to speak. Therefore it kind of floats around in the air and sometimes other people (you?) pick up on it.

So while you do not necessarily wish to feel sad or down, sometimes a thought or a feeling that has been flushed out from someone else pops up on your radar and you are sensitive to it. Sometimes you take it on and mistake it as a feeling all your own. Just keep in mind that you have to shield yourself sometimes, and to remember that these kind of feelings are not what you wish to manufacture in your life. You have to develop a sense of discernment – a new skill in order to determine that these kind of feelings are not really yours. The feelings that you have are beautiful and pure and well-intentioned. Does that make sense?

So whenever you feel dark or down, ask yourself, “Is this feeling really mine?” Or “Is this the kind of feeling I want to have in my life?”

Sometimes the feeling indeed is yours. Well then, work it through until you no longer need to feel that way. Then life goes on. Joy awaits you afterwards, if that’s what you choose.

Some days are rainy, but not necessarily bad at all. After all, the rain helps the plants grow in the days after the rain passes.


About Being Empathic

Some of you reading this may be highly empathic, and you won’t even know it!  So… here is a great book to read if you feel you tune in to others’ feelings way too easily, which can be a burden on your life.  This book shows how to recognize the “symptoms” as an empath, and to recognize that what you have is a beautiful gift – not a curse – and how you can work with and develop your skills as an empath to help heal yourself and the world we live in.

The Empath Toolbox – A Manual for Empaths to Thrive in This World

by an amazing healer, empath and counselor Melanie Robinson.


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