From Victim to “God” (Hah!) Reply

What’s cool about what’s happening now is that we have the chance to co-create this existence, this reality. In the previous paradigm, life happened at us.  At us.  We were the victim. Or for many of us, at the very best we were the hapless bystander, witnessing whatever unfolded before us.

Now, we are invited to create what we are doing here.  In a sense we are invited to be “God” (not in the selfish blasphemous sense we’ve been taught in the old paradigm — let go of all that crap and stop judging! On the other hand, don’t let this new-found power get to your head either.)  We are invited to become that part of God that we represent.  And to become is to be.  And to be is to create!

So, take on your new role. Don’t be responsible to it.  Don’t merely be response-able to it.  But be it!  Be what you create!

And we’re not alone!  Look how many people, animals, plants and other create-ures are out there for you to interact with!  All pieces of a huge puzzle! And some how we fit together.  God is you are God is they are that part of you that has not yet been explored, waiting.

And the beauty that awaits!

If you want love, then be love.

If you want beauty, then be beauty.

On and on…

Creation begets what’s intended.

Go it alone. Go it with others. Your effect will still be felt where it needs to no matter what.

This is what’s so exciting now!  This is what we have to look forward to, now!

An honor to be here!  Not just as witness, but now as participant!


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