Healing Pods, Modular Spacecraft, Time Anomalies Reply

There have been several folks out there – among them Linda McGillis and Amanda Lorence – who have mentioned that the folks outside will be sending us into healing pods, especially when we are relaxed and/or asleep, to help us with our ascension upgrades.

So, last night the folks showed up and sent me to a healing space. This one was not exactly a “pod” – I’m sure there are many kinds – this was more like a diaphanous thick plastic bag. It was roomy, comfortable, and filled with a kind of ethereal energetic fluid that was so light that it was actually more like a gas.  My guess is that it was a primordial kind of gas/fluid that helped facilitate energy transfer for the various instruments and technologies they used to help heal my energy body.

I experienced a sudden jolt, and I suppose it represented the moment when my perception had broken free from my energy body, leaving it behind in the pod where the healing continued.  I was taken outside of the spacecraft where this all was taking place. It was floating above a planet, I guess it was our home Gaia.

I could see the craft was very simple in design. It was comprised of modular pieces with hinges at either end that could attach to other modules, and thus form a long chain of modules that could go for miles on end – which I guess this one did.  At any given moment, sections of modules could break off independently from the main body of modules and go to different places above the planet or elsewhere – wherever they were needed. The imagery ended here and that was all I remember from that journey.

I woke up in bed and could tell there was some kind of work being done in my upper chakras (above and detached from the head), whereafter I felt another jolt of energy. Soon after this I fell asleep. The next morning (July 4, 2018) the ambient energy felt extremely intense: I was feeling an almost unbearable amount of pain in my energy body.

After a while, much relieved, I lay down to rest around noon to take what I thought would be a quick nap. When in reality when I looked at the clock after waking up, it was 4 hours later!  Being so heavily grounded in the “normal” reality, I took this experience as conformation from what our modern prophets have been telling us to prepare for: time anomalies that eventually lead up to non-linear time: a state of infinite now-ness.


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