Shine Your Light in the Coming Days Reply

You are absolutely fantastic! And your story and you’re being here is very very important to the world and the sphere of influence that you have been assigned to.

In these coming months, America and indeed the entire world will be seeing lots of crazy stuff going on. I don’t know exactly what you’re personal mission here is, and I respect it. But of the few things that I do know for some people, our work will be to help people to remain calm and detached from the craziness that we will be witnessing.

At the same time people will need to look inward and to recognize how much they had taken on from the old system, and to also recognize that this old programming is not a part of them, but was something that was foisted upon them, and that they need to let it go.

Once that empty space has been created within their being, then that empty space will be filled with light and all of the magic and Love that we have been denied for eons. Thank you so much for being here, and thank you so much for being so brave.

Let your light shine for others now!

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