Hijacking the Timeline Hijack Reply

I was told last night about one of the many things built into the high-frequency pulses coming in: There is a built-in program that destroys possible alternate timelines that aren’t necessarily meant for our good.

At any given moment, we of the collective can conceivably stray from our path to ascension, and thus miss the mark on making it to our Higher Calling. Well, assuming we are not guided, this may be true. But we are in fact guided. So, this entropic misguidance theory does not apply to us any longer.

Knowing this, within the transmissions that we are receiving recently is a factor that can interestingly be termed a “hijacking of the timeline hijacking”. For eons we have been hijacked in the sense that we had been programmed by the controllers with behaviors that seem to derail even the most well-intended endeavors. Thus we have explanatory artifacts in our language like the proverb “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, and scientific positions like chaos theory and “nature as entropy”. Pure bullshine.

We are indeed guided, and the new paradigm beaming down upon us is providing a new corrective “self-destruct” mechanism within itscoding. So whenever we start to stray from the Good Path by creating an errant timeline, the periodic pulse (shown by the red arrow in the graphic) we see showing up on the Schumann Resonances is a kind of “yanking the chain” that snaps those timelines, nips them in the bud. What we are left with is a refreshed and clarified timeline and pathway.

And as we bumble (or skillfully climb) our way upward, this refresh happens every so often, and as often as needed.

So folks, rest assured we are guided. Keep your heart and your intentions pure. All is well.


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