"Moondog" by Toltec artist Donald Voss

People’s Choices when Working the Ascension 1

“When the Knock of the Spirit sounds we follow or perish.”

– Yaqui shaman don Juan Matus, benefactor of Carlos Castaneda

Folks in the office walking up to me asking why other people in the office are acting funny, so serious, not happy.
Luckily this one guy was very receptive as I explained the ascension process briefly: the energy is rising, and it will not stop rising. He asked me how how he in turn could help people. I said, share your love with them, listen and be compassionate. For those who will listen, explain that what’s happening is a message to look inward and to change. For those who ask, then you can explain to them that what’s going on is a big process affecting EVERYONE – the ascension.
I also explained, coming soon (well, actually it’s already here now), that people will generally do one or more of the following three things:
  1. They will accept and embrace the changes as lightly as a feather, and flow with the river. 
  2. Many will resist the change, whereafter they will exhibit some kind of pushback: cognitive dissonance, “mental” issues, self-doubt, even physical illness, situations that force them to just stop and think. After they’ve done their work in whatever way this situation manifests itself, they will move on, perhaps finally as light as a feather. Repeat this process as necessary as other issues within arise.
  3. Some people will flat out refuse to change, whereafter something drastic will happen – such as serious illness followed by death, or maybe an accident which causes death, or… The result is that THEY LEAVE.
Note: Keep in mind some people leave because they finished their work here. So they leave.  (In my case, several months ago my contract ended and my guides asked me if I wanted to leave. I said, “Hell no! I wanna stick around to help out and see the show!” So I’m on extended contract – just for fun!)
The point is:  The new system will not allow the old to remain. EVERYONE will change in SOME WAY.
For many of us, this is exactly what we asked for, and it is time now for all to be response-able.

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