Perceptions Unveiled Today Reply


Just moments ago I saw thousands of sharp black glass-like shards peeling away from the surface of Gaia. They rose up to be sent back to the Great Sun, as they no longer belonged to this world and what She is fast becoming.  Thus…

People nearby in waves will become suddenly awake, as if a darkness was lifted in a moment’s ease.  Wave will beget wave, and the entire planet (and beyond? yes, beyond) will awaken.

Some will welcome this.  Some will be confused.

No need for worry, as it is as it is – a new gift of many in this new era.


Further “Interpretation”

These shards were the vestiges of the work of the darkness being undone. Sharp, dark glass-like shards were placed over the third eye of the people to keep them from seeing. Sharp and glass-like shards that would intentionally hurt the person who would dare handle it and try to remove it.

And now they come off with ease.

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