A Cross-Shaped Filter for Intense Energies 1


I’ve been asked to share a small tip for people experiencing the intense energies near these three eclipses here in mid-late 2018. You can install a small etheric filter that will help tone down these energies without separating you from them. Use this if you feel pressure in your head or on your third eye / pineal gland.

Here’s how to install it…

Imagine a small pink energetic cross several inches in front of the upper part of your forehead. If you wish, you can use a different color, or even your favorite color as there are no hard and fast rules for this technology. Ask your guides, or your intuition, to set this cross up as a kind of a filter to tone down the energies – not exactly to block them off – but maybe just to turn down the volume a little, and ask that the filter only be temporary. Like a kind of a band-aid that falls off a small wound after several days’ use.

This filter is in the shape of a cross, which some people associate with certain saints (whom you can look up here). But this cross has a scientific element: it acts as a kind of polarized filter. It doesn’t completely block energies coming in from above, but merely reduces the volume of the energies coming in. The up-and-down element of the cross  partially filters those waves coming in in an up-and-down fashion, while the side-to-side element of the cross does the same for side-to-side wave energy.

Some may be concerned that because the cross is both up-and-down and side-to-side, that it would filter out all energy. Not so, as the open space at diagonal angles allows energy from both orientations to come in, but in smaller quantities. It’s a kind of balance in filtration, which is intended to help you find a balance in the intense energies coming in.

Again keep in mind, this is meant to be only a temporary “fix” of sorts, and can be used with any color or thickness.  And again ask your guides or trust your feelings on which color to use, the thickness of the filter, and whether this is something you should use at all.


Others have commented suggesting alternatives to this method. Among these are:

  • Sleep – sometimes loads of sleep when needed
  • Meditation
  • Taking a salt bath
  • Grounding and walking barefoot in a forest, lawn, or other natural area
  • Just taking a break, like curling up with a spouse or pet and watching a movie
  • Some suggest going to the beach and burying oneself in the sand. The grounding effect may take away loads of negative energy.

All is good!

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