Honor Your Call to Ascension! (Message to a Christian Friend) Reply

(message to a Christian friend recently)

“Sam, I’m now not going to fu**** mince words with you any further…

You’re not sleeping because you’re being invited to wake up. Your body’s starting to get off of linear time, and get onto infinity time, which is where Jesus and all his helpers live. It is written that Jesus will return. Well, yes, but it doesn’t mean you just sit on your ass and do nothing. You’ve been given the responsibility of seeing it all happen. The “2nd coming” doesn’t say you’re not the one doing the coming. He came down here first. This time we gotta meet him half-way, and it takes some effort!

Whether you realize it or not, you are here for a reason. One reason being that YOU CHOSE TO BE HERE. Accept that as fact. If you don’t accept that and act on it, then you’re in for a world of hurt. If you take ambien or some other prescription medication for sleeplessness, I can assure you, it will only delay what you need to face, and will later make it much harder later.

For those people who cannot handle this, they leave. By “leave” I mean that they die a physical death and go to whatever next place.

Sam, if you want to stick around here on Earth, then as your friend, I suggest you get up and do some research in earnest. Start the dialog on what’s going on with you (and millions of other people in the world, just like you, including me), and figure out what’s going on.

This “ascension” is not a problem. It’s a symptom of the world changing. We asked for the second coming. Well, here it is. Did you expect it to go the way you planned? Does anything ever really work that way?

Accept and trust that you’re here for a reason, and not some meaningless random coincidence.

And now… Don’t be “responsible” in the manner that mommy and daddy spanked you as a child to be. Rather, be “response-able” as the grown adult person that you are, accepting response-ability in what is now turning out to be an unusual and even really beautiful transformation of this entire planet and all her people.

During this transformation, yes, it will be hard at times – but what profound change isn’t?

And think of all the times you changed before and thought it would kill you. But you’re still here. Laughing even at the timid person you once were back then.

Now, you’re going up a notch or two. Accept that you agreed to be here.

Now be response-able. Respond to this fact and go forth from there without ambien or some other sleep aid.

I keep saying, “You’re being welcomed to wake up.”

Now honor that call.

You’re not alone in this grand task. Millions of others on this planet are now or VERY SOON will be honoring their call.

Honor your call. Who’s calling? You know the answer to that already.

Don’t check out. Honor your call.


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