Planet-Sized Ships Regulating the Incoming Energies 2


Some time back I read this post from the CAT folks, where they mention:

“We knew about the Universals (actually, Light Beings) in those planet-sized light ships, but we could only see LIGHT inside them, no details.”

I thought it was really cool and made a mental note of it. THEN…

Another Nudge…

Life provided a stream of synchronicities that progressively shed further light on the subject.

I was watching some videos of interviews of “whistleblower” William (Bill) Tompkins, one of many insiders into the Secret Space Program. In the video (several years old by the time I watched it) he makes mention of at least one planet-sized ship that had parked itself directly outside our solar system. He said the purpose of the ship was effectively to set up a quarantine around our solar system to keep unwanted (ca8al) traffic from either going in and out.

In the video I’m pretty sure Tompkins said these ships were really huge – like “the size of Jupiter” – or something to that effect.

Yet Other Nudges…

Then some days later I ran across some testimony from Corey Goode. I usually steer clear of his work, but somehow “accidentally” ran across some of his statements that seem to mention basically the same thing. And I wonder if these ships are a part of the “Sphere Being Alliance” Goode has spoken of. Not that it matters if all this is the same really, because there’s loads of really awesome stuff to see going on out there in the cosmos if you’re open to it.

Upon going back to and reading the CAT folks’ post, there is this link to someone’s (“Blossom”) other post that provides further detail on the ships, what they’re made of, and why they’re there.

Ships in a Staggered Line

So, then a few days later I was doing something really mundane – like chowing down on my breakfast – when suddenly I saw a scene from a very high-up eagle’s eye view.

It was a string of huge pure white ships spanned across a long stretch of the Milky Way Galaxy. They were in a line, but not a straight line. Rather, they were staggered in a measured alternating fashion. Upon seeing this (see the accompanying rudimentary drawing I provide of this scene), I knew immediately there was some kind of scientifically-backed geometry to their arrangement. Upon pondering this scene, I saw that the staggering was intentional, and had a purpose: The purpose being to diminish the surge of powerful energy coming towards the Earth, and indeed our entire Sol system.

It is this same powerful energy that is driving the many changes we’re witnessing here on Earth and the other planets. Most notably on all the planets, the atmospheres are changing color, becoming more electrified, rising in temperature, and are showing other proof of an elevated influx of energy.

Anyway, I was intrigued by this string of coincidences that all seemed to be pointing at the same thing, followed them by my vision of the ships in a staggered string spanning thousands of light years, starting from somewhere towards the Galactic Core and ending somewhere relatively near our solar system.

The Line of Ships as a Multi-Stage Reduction Mechanism

Some time later “by coincidence” I ran across some videos demonstrating Nicola Tesla’s one-way fluid valve – which by the way amazingly has no moving parts! Anyway, in seeing the staggered formation of “dead ends” that provide the braking effect of any fluid attempting to back its way up into this valve, I realized that this technology was almost exactly what the line of planet-sized ships were doing.

Actually I saw the staggered line of huge ships were doing several things simultaneously with the energy:

  • Taking the brunt of the blow of the energy blast – both decelerating it and slightly reducing its volume through energy absorption.
  • By receiving the blast of energy at an oblique angle, the first ship (being made of some form of electromagnetic energy) was able to capture an isolated stream the energy and slip it along the curvature of its sphere-like form and then release a sub-stream of the energy on a slightly different trajectory, while retaining a large portion of energy along its curvature, the remainder of which was then shot off in varying other directions. This effectively diffuses the energy blast. But…

Mind you, this energy is really hot. Like white hot. Not “heat” hot – but just extremely very intense. It is so very intense that if introduced in its original undiffused form, it would destroy everything in its path that was of a lower energetic density. By “destroy” I mean that it would reduce anything not of that same intense level of source energy, and transmute it from whatever form it had (as solid matter, or energy bearing any form or structure) and reduce it to its most pure and formlessly energetic constituent – source energy itself.

Somehow, the planet-sized ships being struck by this energy are able to handle the blast.


Just one ship doing the diffusing isn’t enough. So then…

  • A redirected small portion of the energy skimming off the edge of the first ship gets flung off like a slingshot to the next ship down the line – very far away. The next ship likewise receives that intentionally directed stream of energy at an oblique angle and allows it to skim along its curved electromagnetic surface, to be slung off to the next ship, while a significant portion of the energy is thrown off in another direction, again reducing the overall volume and intensity of the energy stream.

This process gets repeated who know many times until the final ship directs the much-diffused and toned down stream of energy at our solar system.

The effects we see from this incoming energy are everything we see going on here: global warming, upcoming pole shifts, magnetic fluctuations, people experiencing spontaneous kundalini awakenings, and really wild global politics. You name it, Baby. It affects everything!

More Info

So, after seeing all the above, through my own channels I did some investigation.

I got in touch with a voice (actually a “collective” voice of many beings gathered into one consciousness voice) saying they represented the folks on the ships. I explained what I wrote above, and their response was, “We are pleased you understand this. That’s exactly what we are doing.”

Through further investigation, I saw the the ships have a lot of other stuff going on:

  • They serve sometimes as “soul receiving hospital” ships. Where the souls and/or consciousness of folks recently departed (from their body or other form) go to for healing, rest time, reorientation, etc for the next part of their amazing trip through infinity.
  • The ships do all sorts of stuff with energy: Storage, diffusion, transformation, transmutation – you name it.
  • The ships are or contain portals for the transportation of the aforementioned departed folks, among loads of other stuff that gets moved around the universe.


Simple conclusion: What an amazing universe we live in where anything is possible!

And for whatever reason, these folks and these huge ships they drive around in are doing their thing – which has a direct and very intentional result on us here in this solar system.

Just amazing!


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