Asteroid Oumuamua is an Ancient Mayan Spacecraft 5


In late 2017 the “asteroid” Oumuamua rambled into our solar system, made its dramatic appearance, and then wafted away just as quickly. Upon it’s departure, according to Wiki:  “Oumuamua showed no signs of a comet tail despite its close approach to the Sun, but has since undergone non-gravitational acceleration, potentially consistent with a push from solar radiation pressure. “

Oddball Shape

Assuming it is an ancient inert (“non-living”) object, having suffered many blows against other random space-bound objects out there, I thought it odd that Oumuamua would have been able to retain its extreme length without breaking in half. At least as we’ve been taught in movies and elsewhere: All space-bound objects strike other objects, break apart and eventually take on a more-or-less roundish shape. Right?

Because of its peculiar shape, Oumuamua drew much attention and speculation among the scientific community. At the time of its appearance, I rolled my eyes at the distraction the mainstream media discussion the object provided. I thought it was just yet another fodder-piece to distract us from other important world issues then underway.

Random Question for the Ancestors

But just as it was with this beautiful revelation, Oumuamua became for me something more than another distraction piece. During a recent healing addressing various world issues, I randomly asked the guides,

Helios: “Is Oumuamua a Mayan spacecraft.”

The answer was:

“A beautiful gentle ancestor is coming forward. And he is saying: Yes, it is.”

The reason I had asked the Mayan spacecraft question was because I had recently been reading Michael Salla’s three-part book series loosely called the Secret Space Programs Series.

During the healing session, I had suddenly thought of Oumuamua, and posed the question because I had recently been reading Michael Salla’s books, in which testimonials make mention of a Mayan “breakaway civilization”. They described the Mayan craft as typically being oblong or cigar-shaped.

Helios then explained to the others in the healing, “There was a Mayan Breakaway civilization from several thousand years ago. They left before the Mayan Empire collapsed. Somehow they were able to master space flight and propulsion, and they have been out there exploring for a long time. And maybe we can ask our ancestor about that for some more information?

Ancestor: Yes… The Maya had the knowledge all along. They just never had need to use it. They were happy here on Earth for a long time, but there became a split in the collective energy of their peoples. Those that chose to stay were part of the descending energy, those that left were part of ascending/leaving.

Helios: Did this happen about 12,000 years ago? The end of the last baktun?

Ancestor: Mmmmm yes about that…just before a big energetic shift into the downwards spiral… That’s why there are a few different memories and knowledge of the Mayans and their culture. There did become two very distinct energies. The descending group started moving towards darkness and things associated with all that (human sacrifice, etc.). They were influenced by the planetary cycle of destruction / death / winter / darkness …. Some of us could see this starting to happen and we did not want to be part of it. And for some of us it was not our path. So we left.

Helios: That explains why many of their villages were left exactly as it was. Some dishes had food in them that was cooking, and everybody just up and left suddenly. Left everything that they were doing exactly as it was. Actually these weren’t just villages. Some of these places of evacuation were entire cities.

Ancestor: We had an understanding and knowing of the bigger cycles and we also had an honoring of each part of the cycles and so we didn’t fear the darkness that was to come. But for some of us it was not our path. Our light would have stopped or slowed down that part of the cycle. And that is not in alignment with the cosmos and all things.

The Cliff Dwellers

Helios: Is that what happened to the cliff dwellers also?

Ancestor: Yes. Many just knew it was time and we left. Others chose to stay. They were already on the path to darkness. The cliff dwellers moved (The Ancestor seems unsure about where to and why….).  That all happened after my time on Earth. At that time the frequency of the planet was dropping and becoming more dense, those in the higher frequencies were finding it more difficult to ‘see’ what was happening… like when they talk about the veil being to thick, this was what it was like…

The Ancient Traders of Northern Mexico & Arizona

Helios: I am reminded of a time when I found an old food cache in the desert near Pena Blanca Lake in Southern Arizona. It was made of mud packed by human hands, and I could see the fingerprints of the people that had push the mud into the walls and sealed up the food. Was that food cache only 100 or 200 years old? Or was it older? Was that food cache for the traders going north and south from Mexico up into North America and Back?

The food cache was made for corn. And the corn was very small back in those days. The graphic  shows a simplified timeline in the evolution of corn in Arizona and northern Mexico. This article provides some further explanation.  The leftover cobs of corn I found in the cache were only about six inches long.  Perhaps of the intermediate size shown in the graphic below.  They were nowhere near as large as the large high-yield cobs we are used to eating in these modern times.

The Food Cache

A Different Ancestor steps in this time. He is older and more direct in his energy.

Ancestor: The food cache was made originally much earlier than that but was used like you said – for traders and travelers up until fairly recently… The cache is about 600 years old.

Helios: The cache was under an overhang that was protected from the rain. Maybe thousands of years ago a river ran underneath that cliff and created that overhang. Those were the kind of overhangs that the ancient cliff dwellers lived under. But this one was much smaller and was only thick enough to crawl into while lying down. So it was only thick enough to stuff some food into and then create some mud walls using the thick cement like red and orange soil from the desert nearby. I think it’s amazing that I was still able to see the fingerprints of the people that had made those walls of those food caches! that was in Southern Arizona. I also found some round houses that were made of pure stone in the desert north of Tucson, north of the Tucson mountains. I think those were really really old also.

I thanked the ancestors for what they taught us this day, and stepped away.


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