Still Much Work To Do 1

A dear friend who joined the ancestors a few years ago showed up a few months ago in a dream admonishing me to leave this place where I live (Taiwan) soon because of the upcoming earthquakes and other global catastrophes that were in the “original plan” belonging to that previous timeline.

Soon after that warning, I was almost continuously beset with many tangible warnings — everyday events that made it very clear that I was supposed to leave. Things such as small accidents on my motorcycle (I ride very carefully and with full awareness), problems at the job that arose from nowhere and for seemingly no reason, etc. It was like I was being forced out, and to seek shelter and safety elsewhere in the world from the upcoming catastrophes.

The whole freakin’ reason any kind of catastrophic thing would happen is because there are still many people being stubborn and remaining arrogant in the old ways, ways that were originally not theirs, and which now more than ever must be let go of.

Of course, the Earth and the timeline people are creating now has changed significantly since that warning months ago.

The force that was pushing me to leave so heavily has now subsided as soon as I quit my job here these couple weeks ago. And for now, suddenly Taiwan feels fine. I am instructed to relax here and heal myself. And in healing myself, I know I am healing this land here, this island, and other parts of Asia.

Folks, things are going better than expected, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. The drastic events and such were supposed to really kick in by about now, but it’s been delayed until…??? I have said thanks to the teams outside for allowing this, and that I would do my best to let everyone know that we are doing well.

But we need to let other people wake up to the error of the old ways, and to realize that these old ways are not theirs. Time to let all that s*** go.

The reason I’m telling you this is not fear mongering. It is because if we all can focus on softening other people’s hearts, allowing them to see what is so wrong in remaining arrogant, to stop taking ownership of some things that originally were not theirs and were designed not to serve our better good. folks must know to let go and let love the Earth and her peoples (animals, plants, other humans, the land, etc.), then the “catastrophes” will be less stressful, and more manageable.

There has been some success in throttling these earth events: We have seen this in the recent arrival of the thousands of ships coming through the Sun-portal, and the folks in those ships are helping to stabilize the energies that would otherwise be out of control on Earth. Other evidence also was of the recent earthquake in Turkey that was supposed to cause so much devastation, but instead the earthquake spread itself across an entire day, and was so mellow that the inhabitants of the city where this took place didn’t even notice it.

You see? Things like this are as result of the positive efforts we have been making to open up to Love. But much to do yet.

Keep in mind Earth events in some degree will still be necessary, as Earth must transform herself, reshape and re-create herself as she too realizes that she must change.

So let us broadcast the Love even further. Be a beacon of Love that would soften the crusty old shell of of those still asleep. Let us be united in Love, but also not forget to show the gratitude for this beautiful planet-ship we inhabit, and say thanks to her for all that she has given us, for indeed we would be no-thing without her.

Let us show compassion for all living beings that share this space. Let us change not only our intent, but the ways that make such intent be real-ized.

Keep an eye out on how this path and these new ways would be shown to you. Ask to receive it and it will come.



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One comment

  1. Hugs to you as well my friend

    “Until one has loved an animal part of their soul remains unawakened”

    Anatole France


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