Programmable (Ready-Made) Entities Reply

A Dream

I had a rather abstract dream where I was shown a race of ET folks whose specialty was in manufacturing ready-made entities whose “purpose in life” was fully programmable.

These entities or create-ures were engineered with a blank slate. They merely needed to be purchased from the engineer race that created them, programmed for whatever purpose the “customer” intended them for, and put them to work. In this way these creatures were like “PLFs” (programmable life forms) very much in the sense that Steven Greer mentions in his lectures regarding PLF gray ETs. In the sense that they were intended as a utilitarian creation, and that they were being sold as a commodity, the general intent behind their creation was in a service role according to the intentions of the owner that purchased them. 

Physical Upbringing and Appearance

The ones I saw were generally very bland in appearance, almost formless and featureless. Bipedal, approximately 3 meters tall, and covered in what appeared to be a white skin and a fine mat of hair – the closest approximation to a better-known creature in mainstream education would be an abominable snowman. This is not to say this would be the only form in which these creatures could be made. These were merely the ones I was shown in this curious dream.

These creatures were created, “born” and raised as clones in a remote region of a vast featureless planet where they received little to no stimulus, yet remained in a highly impressionable state – so as not to create any individualized character or preferences of their own. They were raised in groups, as they were meant to be sold in groups. In their original form (before being purchased), they are very sensitive to energy and were greatly telepathic (for the reason explained below).

Programming via Sensitive Telepathy

After being purchased, the new owners would be placed on a conveyance craft that took them to the vicinity of their new property. Then any energetic, telepathic (if any) and intended thought-forms emanating from their new owners would be detected by the PLFs, who were designed to be sensitive to these energies. Upon detecting this energy, they were designed to automatically take on its intent and use this as input toward refining them in their newly intended ready-made role.

Possible Purposes

Theoretically these PLF life forms could be used for anything – perhaps to seed a planet as a new stock race, as slave labor, companionship, just to relax and do nothing, generate tremendous love, or… ???

Awareness or Soul?

The questions that immediately came to my mind was whether these creatures had 1) an awareness and 2) a soul? 

The answers are:

  1. Yes, an awareness in the basic sense that they could know that they existed, and could react somewhat independently given whatever programming they contained.

  2. No, I did not feel these beings contained the spark of a soul in them. I liken them to the “background people” that Dolores Cannon has spoken of. But given that they could conceivably be used for purposes that would likely be enhanced by or introduced into a space within their experience that would foster the having of a soul, then I would say that they might possibly be able to take on a soul. I am reminded that truth seeker John Lear has stated that a soul occupies something like 31 grams (I may be wrong on this number) within a typical human body. Given how mysterious and wonderfully creative nature is despite impossible circumstances, why would the sudden possession of a soul in these create-ures not be possible?


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