The Eagle’s New Role 3

About Creation

All creation is creation. It knows no bounds and bears no prejudice toward any culture, religion, nor system of beliefs.  It just is.

However, there are manifestations of creation and awareness which seem to be best known by the general populace through certain systems of belief. For example, the introduction of the idea of reincarnation in recent decades has been greatly attributed to Hinduism. But reincarnation itself does not belong to Hinduism, nor is it subject solely to practitioners of that religion. It’s just known to people greatly through that one avenue.

The Toltec

So in a like manner, with regard to topic of the Eagle, it is attributed to the ancient Toltec system of awareness. One may know the Eagle through knowing something about the Toltec.

For those readers not familiar with the Toltec peoples of South America (now vanished), they are defined rather well here by modern-day Toltec shaman and artist Don Voss: in the beginning of this article.  See also Wiki’s info about the Toltec.

What is The Eagle?

As I mention above, creation has many manifestations. You, dear reader, are a manifestation of creation.  Likewise “the Eagle” is one of them.

It is helpful to know the Eagle is a well-recognized in ancient cultures and religions. In even more recent decades, we have Carlos Castaneda and his benefactor, the Yaqui shaman don Juan Matus to thank for their disclosure of the Eagle. Through their association with the Toltec practices of South America, “the Eagle” is associated greatly with the Toltec – in the same manner that “reincarnation” is associated with Hinduism.

The Eagle is not a symbol. It is a living entity that played a major role in our world, and it lives on now in a new role that I discuss here now. But before I can discuss what the Eagle’s new role is, it’s helpful to tell of its old role and what how the Eagle’s role has transformed during recent events…

The Eagle’s Role in the Old Paradigm

Under the old dark paradigm the Eagle was very powerful and huge. Basically his job was to fly into infinity, but in so doing he had a horrible job. His job was to consume the awareness and the experiences that every single living creature in this world had upon the moment of their death. So, whenever somebody died, they would leave Earth and fly out into space to where the Eagle was at that moment, and fly into his beak where he would consume their awareness and their life experiences.  People’s souls were then possibly subject to escape to places elsewhere, but many times most likely were “recycled” (reincarnated) into the constructs of the old dark paradigm.

In his impeccable work The Eagle’s Gift, Castaneda, through the words of his Yaqui shaman/mentor don Juan Matus, discusses how seers and other impeccable awareness explorers are able to escape the re-entrapment of awareness.

I am already given to the power that rules my fate. And I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend. I have no thoughts, so I will see. I fear nothing, so I will remember myself. Detached and at ease, I will dart past the Eagle to be free.

– don Juan Matus, benefactor of Carlos Castaneda

Of one of the lesser-known items about the reincarnation paradigm is the “gift” that Castaneda mentions: the Eagle’s Gift, a one-in-a-million chance to escape the recycling system by leading an impeccable life marked by a continuous process of recapitulation.

The Eagle’s Transformation to a New Role

I previously wrote here about an astounding vision I had of “the Eagle”.  At the time of that writing, I mention being shocked at seeing the Eagle. But I didn’t know why I had seen it.  What I write here is an update.

In simplest words, the Eagle is free. A powerful immense entity of awareness, the Eagle is now free to do as he feels is his command. And the command (at least here in this realm) is to assist in Gaia-Earth’s ascension. Now free of the constraints of the old paradigm and the karmic entanglements that paradigm entails, the Eagle endeavors continuously in assisting the ascension and the many teams assisting in its realization.


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