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Queen of the Eastern Realms Reply

Circumambulation (Preamble) of the World

In its original inception the Earth / Gaia Mother was unified unto herself. While there were other planets within the Sun system, and there was no moon to accompany her, She was a create-ure primarily constituted of the divine feminine, she was primarily a matriarchal entity who lived alongside and with respect to her male aspects and inhabitants.

Nothing interfered with Gaia. She was perfect. And she continued this way for some time.

As such, the vacuum of perfection eventually invited outside forces to covet and steal her beauty and her power, and she was later subsumed as one of a chain of conquests imposed by the dark forces that until recently enslaved Gaia, including her many create-ures, and including the humans.

The Female-Male Divide

As part of the foreign occupation, the female aspect was belittled, subjugated, and enslaved in deference to an artificially hyper-empowered male aspect. The female-male harmony was disrupted, dark was cast against light, and everything was rendered to division. Everything was divided. A foreign object (the moon) was brought in, and with its gravitational force, Gaia was subjected to its disruptive wobbling effects.

A resilient organism, Gaia and her people (plants, animals – with animals including the humans) made do. And in spite of the intended upset wrought through the influence of the darks, Gaia and her people sought to craft and witness beauty wherever possible. Just look at the beauty made manifest since the beginnings of time.

A Makeshift Fix for Balance

With the advent of the hyper-empowered male aspect necessarily came a counterbalancing move from Gaia and her allies as an attempt at a makeshift fix to the female-male divide. While the foreign occupation placed the densely over-dominant King on the throne, there appeared an equally balancing (in all aspects) Queen.

Above is written “in all aspects”. By this it is meant to say that in the same way that the impossibly over-dominant King was imposed with a seat of eventual conquest in the West, Gaia’s chosen Queen was seated quietly (mostly unseen) in the East – the Queen of the Eastern Realms. No less deserving as a regal, her coronation was quietly held with fullest adoration and humility.

In the sense that the Western King was garrulous and bombastic, the Eastern Queen’s words were well-thought yet quietly well-spoken. In that His touch was rough and with no regard to any sense of timing in particular, Hers was gentle and welcome, arriving at exactly the right moment. Where He acted brashly to compensate for His uncertainty, She made her moves deliberately and with the full Graceful Confidence of intuition that tarries not due to any uncertainty.

For every ungainly move He made, She flowed with natural aplomb. With everything He did as an Adversary, She intended as a Complementary. For every war that He waged, She gave hapless soldiers and victims of war a peace of mind needing no justification – it merely was there: peace. He sat in the West. She resided in the East: Queen of the Eastern Realms.


Many would say that She was never there for us.

Over the ages we would hear many say, “How could God allow there to be such injustice?” Those fully victimized in conflict might say, “God, how could you have forsaken me?!” Or they would stand accusingly against believers or the faithful, and say, “Where is your kind and just God now?”

Understandingly this was so, and these words were spoken.

The King’s bravado and loud gestures so eclipsed the Queen’s presence. So very much so that many, if not almost all, had forgotten that She existed – let alone conceived that such a Grace could exist.

Arise, Queen of the Eastern Realms

Yet, indeed as garishly as there was injustice in this kind of cruel world, the Queen sat patiently – sometimes standing there fuming with clenched fists. But wait she had to, and wait she did.

Now as our Mother Gaia awakens, so steps up the Queen of the Eastern Realms.

And so for this, we say thank You.

And now in these new times of female/male reconciliation, let there be recognition, understanding for past wrongs, reconciliation for past wrongs, and an agreement to live onward in peace and understanding, and patience.

Some would say the division continues. And indeed in some places it does. But about this the Queen would say,

“Not so much a division, rather a ‘multiplicity’ within the Whole. A divine work-in-progress. Patience…”


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