How I Beat Cancer 5

No Drama Needed

Several years ago, a curious manifestation materialized within my body and soon after began to wreak havoc on my body, my senses, and my sanity. Some time after I was driven to the edge, and was seriously considering suicide. Putting aside my pride as a absolutely self-sufficient warrior, I cast out into the ethers and asked for help.

Thereon I began a long journey on my recovery from what a doctor had diagnosed me with: cancer.  It took me about 2-½ years to be fully confident of my recovery: I am free of cancer.

To keep this discourse short, I’ll spare you the drama and the story itself.

Below is what my research and experiments have found. Combinations of some of these have helped to heal me of cancer.

Please Remember This

You must recognize that we’ve been conditioned for convenience.  We’ve been pampered into seeking a “one-stop-shop” to cure all our problems.  We look for that one pill, that one solution.

When it comes to cancer, many  people fall for the lie that chemotherapy or radiation therapy is the one way to go.  We are even cautioned not to use any other therapy concurrently with conventional western methods, thus imposing the limitations your body has at its disposal to heal.

Now given then immense complexity that the human body systems is, do you really think it’s fair to use only one limited simplistic method to treat a life-threatening illness?  Are you willing to wait until it’s too late to realize that you really should have tried multiple methods concurrently to heal?  No, of course not.  You, your body, and your very life deserve a multi-faceted treatment to help it face the threat that cancer is.

There is no one method or means to heal.  So be sure to use many of the following helpful factors together to inundate and overcome the predator.

I didn’t use any regular conventional Western cancer therapy. I repeat, I healed myself using only natural, non-conventional, methods.

Note: I don’t provide many links to the material I discuss below.  There’s a reason for that. With all the information available on the internet, don’t take my word for granted.  Honor yourself, your life and health, by doing the research yourself — just as I did when I was struggling with cancer. 

Conventional Western “Medicine”

Keep in mind that these two common “treatments” work solely through destruction – not creation.  Two common forms are:

  • Chemical therapy (“chemo”) – Designed to kill anything, including your body’s healthy cells. It’s core purpose is to drain your wallet, ensure big pharma’s profit margin, and it eventually kills you.
  • Radiation therapy – Also designed to drain your wallet, and eventually kills you.  Usually in gamma radiation form – which we have been taught to fear as the deadliest form of radiation. Not necessarily true.  It depends on the intent of the gamma radiation, for I have encountered a form of gamma that is actually very helpful. More on this helpful gamma later.

I know of no-one who has taken chemo or radiation and survived. If anything, these methods augment and accelerate the pain and suffering.

Food as Medicine

After I was diagnosed, and already knowing what I know about western therapy mentioned above, I tried whatever I could find.  Along the way, this is what I found.

  • Mostly vegetable and fruit diet. Amazing woman and Founder of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) Dolores Cannon lends us knowledge through thousands of sessions with her “wakened” patients hypnosis-induced sessions, during which her patients remember the hypnosis session completely. In order for human beings to survive the immense changes taking place, we must match the rising frequency of the emerging Earth (what we know as the new band of awareness). Cannon advises us to progressively eat what the guides call high-frequency “live foods”. Basically, fresh (ideally unprocessed) plants and fruits.
  • Gerson Diet Therapy – Doctor Gerson’s method has been so successful that the US government banned him from doing business in the US.  Gerson has already passed on, but his daughter now runs one or two clinics in Mexico with a 95% successful cure rate. You can do his diet at home.  I didn’t use the coffee enema portion of his therapy.

Limit / Eliminate Harmful Tech Exposure

Cell towers, cell phones, home WiFi routers and the like are high energy, but are loaded with an intent that does not promote better human health. I do not use wifi in my home. Instead I use a solid wired connection coming from the wall.

I keep my cell phone off my body when possible, carrying it in a bag away from my skin, and use airplane mode whenever possible. I turn the phone off at night, and place it in another room. Few people know that cell phones remain active after being turned off, which is why they’ve recently been designed with inaccessible battery compartments that allow you to disconnect them.

In the coming years, a new form of “5G” WiFi technology will emerge. By all means, avoid getting near its radiation. It’s untested, and its maleficent intent is becoming very clear in news articles as time goes on.

Helpful Technology

Especially within these last two years, the Earth (I prefer to say “Gaia”) has been increasingly bombarded with high-frequency radiation, much of it in the gamma spectrum.

Mainstream scientists would have us think this radiation is coming solely from the Sun. While much of it does come from the Sun, a lot of it is being delivered as healing energy from some friends outside.

  • Orgone accumulators – These are cabinets that intensify helpful and healing ambient radiation.  The orgone accumulator was conceived in contemporary times by Wilhelm Reich. Do a web search on how you can make your own. This can be scaled large enough for you to place a wooden (not metal) chair and sit within to absorb the accumulated energy. Use a smaller version on your countertop to preserve foods, to heal ailing plants, or to positively charge drinking water.

Pyramids and similar structures are also another design-form of orgone accumulator.

I have not tried an orgone accumulator.  One day I would like to build one.

  • Orgone crystals – These are small (usually homemade) crystals in various shapes like pyramids, usually made of epoxy resin embedded with metal shavings made of inorganic metals, and are sometimes embedded with natural quartz crystals that have been charged with positive intent.  Anyone can make these. Just be sure to charge all components with loving intent before the resin solidifies. These crystals transmute ambient energy (including negative energy) into healthy energy. Keep these near the bed or at the work desk.

Note: There are videos out there of people making orgone crystal cannons that destroy chemtrails! These videos are hard to find now, but do a search for them.  Amazing!

  • Oxygen therapy – Chemtrails exist in part to reduce human oxygen concentration intake by as much as 16% by coating our lungs’ inner linings.  Lower oxygen intake = lower vitality and resultant illness. So, conversely cancer cannot live in a highly oxygenated environment. If possible, try to find an “Oxygen Bar” somewhere in town.  You pay a few bucks to site in a chair and breathe higher concentration oxygen through a mask. Oxygen can also be delivered via the oral intake of food-grade hydrogen peroxide mentioned below.
  • Crystal light bed therapy – A body-length bed with crystals suspended above it at locations corresponding to the body’s energy chakras.
  • Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide – Apparently for people who have advanced stages of cancer and are willing to try something radical. The stuff we buy in the store is a 1-2% dilution of peroxide. I think food-grade concentrate is around 30%.

Great Foods

“Live Foods” – As I mentioned previously, Dolores Cannon has said humans will evolve to a point to where eating “live foods” (fresh plants and fruits) is the only viable way to go. Our diets will evolve to even lighter foods in the form of liquids. Eventually we will not need to eat any physical food, thus getting the energy we need from the air we breath.

I cannot eat any more meat. Eggs give me severe gut trouble, and milk is on its way out of my diet, too.  Fish is OK still occasionally, although I feel some heaviness after eating it.

GMO & Heavily Processed (Lifeless) Foods

These two forms of food are pure evil. I don’t need to go further into this.

Also cancer thrives on processed sugar. Reduce or eliminate this form of sugar. As it’s better than processed sugar, you can satisfy a sugar craving from those sugars derived from fruits.


I cannot drink more than one cup of this in the morning, or I’ll have trouble sleeping at night.  Ideally I only drink one or two mouthfuls in the morning and pour the rest down the drain. For me this is enough to deliver the mental boost I need to help with work throughout the whole morning.

Other Medicines

Whenever possible eat medicine foods throughout the day, but especially with your last meal. The reason being that your body does most of its repair work at night while you rest.  If your body is armed with healthy light medicine foods before rest, healing and cleansing comes that more easily to the body.

  • Alkaline foods – Onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric are all alkaline. Use them often in your food. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. I have also tried black cumin seed, which is supposed to be the king of healing ingredients, but I’m not sure whether it worked.

Important Note about Turmeric: When using turmeric (or its curcumin variant), you must mix it with a small dose of black pepper, which contains the enzyme piperine that boosts the bioavailability of the good ingredients in turmeric by 2000%.  You must use a pinch of black pepper with turmeric, or its beneficial effects are most marginalized.

  • Garlic – Once or twice a week about ½ hr after my evening meal, I get a clove of garlic and crush it with the broad side of a knife and leave it exposed to the air to activate it. I then swallow it whole without chewing it and wash it down with a little water.
  • Alkalized water – Here in Taiwan, one can buy pH9 alkaline water at 7-11. If this isn’t available in the US stores, you can easily make baking soda water and adjust the pH level, measuring the dilution level with litmus paper.
  • Purified water – I mostly drink water I make with an evaporative distiller here at home. Drink loads of this water throughout the night. Physically filtered water is less effective as it takes on chemicals from the filter itself.  Cheap in-line filters such as Brita sometimes actually add crap to the water.
  • Essential Oils – Of all the essential oils, I think oregano is probably the most powerful. I take one small drop to the bottom of my tongue and quickly swish it around in my mouth with warm water and very quickly swallow it.  This stuff is REALLY strong. You might want to blend it in some juice or a shake to dilute it. Don’t ever put oregano oil on top of your tongue directly! Do some other research on the curative effects of this and other oils.

Remote Healing Therapy

Remote therapy?  Yes, it’s true. You DO NOT necessarily need to go to a therapist’s office to receive curative therapy.

How is this possible? Let’s just say that many of us have been taught that human capabilities are very limited.  But… if you are open to and willing to suspend your judgment and allow yourself the chance to be healed remotely, then this form indeed works.  In coming days this will be called “quantum healing”.

Energy (including healing energy) travels along established pathways in a connective fabric in the universe, which some people call the “Quantum Connection” or similar name.  Suffice it to say we all (including you and your healer / therapist) are connected in ways many of us may find hard to perceive. But… Just like radio waves, just because you cannot see something doesn’t mean this something isn’t possible.

As we all know, energy can be helpful or harmful.

There are people who remotely deliver really loving, beautiful, and helpful form of radiation therapy commonly known as “healing energy”.  This is the fastest and probably most potent form of healing energy, as the energy goes where it’s most needed, and thus ends up being custom-catered to the patient’s specific needs.  Human therapy isn’t cheap, but what is the price of your life?

Recommended therapists based on my experience:

  • Michelle Eves (in Australia) – Michelle is a Shaman, Wise Woman and  a fantastic Healer! MIchelle is able to connect with seemingly abstract aspects of your psyche (such as spirit guides) as well communicate directly with different parts of your body for areas that have health issues. In my case, Michelle has helped not only my body’s health, but also helped my Spirit through reconnection with animal aspects of my being. But… There is so much more than that! Every time I work with Michelle, it’s an open format, and definitely a wonderful adventure!
  • Henda Zaghouani (in France) – Henda has helped me immensely in recent years in my (triumphant) battle with cancer. And I consider her healing abilities critical (if not possible) in my battle for my life.  Henda’s perception and abilities deal more with the abstract flow of energy. In my case, my logical (control freak) mind initially was not able to understand her technique. But there was an extremely valuable lesson for me in working with Henda: Trust in your own self-empowerment and ability to heal with Henda’s assistance. In any form in which it manifests, Henda’s healing abilities find the path of least resistance and thus find the most efficient and natural form of healing you need at the moment.
  • Matthew Mournian (in the US) – Matthew is extremely perceptive, and that’s a good thing. He is able to drill into specific problems with uncanny clarity, thus providing real-time guidance on what to do about the issue at-hand.

Other Thoughts

Do your own research. Ask for help in whatever form you need it.  Experiment. Stay positive.

Do what works for you and makes you shine.

The above is what helped me. Because you are a unique individual, what works for you may vary from what I share here.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Because you are a unique individual, what works for you may vary from what I share here. Use any of this advice at your own discretion and risk. Be sure to consult with a trusted doctor before doing anything.

© 2012 – 2019 John Helios / Helios Journal™ – All Rights Reserved Worldwide – Duplication allowed only by crediting and linking to this source.


  1. I guess I can relate to the aspect of a cancer survivor. I am a leukaemia survivor. Luckily did not have to go through chemo. Nice health tips!

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