Perfection in Design & Timing 1

This beautiful drawing by our sister Lux Corvinus reminds me of a really wonderful young man I met in Colorado when I was moving away from Colorado to Arizona. I met him at exactly the right time and the right place and the right circumstances.
So I was moving my stuff in a U-Haul trailer behind my old diesel car, and I had too much stuff in it. The turbocharger in my diesel was giving out every 15 minutes, especially if I went uphill. So I knew that I was going to have some serious trouble getting my stuff over the mountains before being able to get out of Colorado. And I didn’t want to have my engine break down. So I stopped at a rest stop in southern Colorado before I got to the mountain range.
My plan was to dump my heavy oak roll-top desk next to some building at the rest stop, and try to sneak away without anybody noticing it. But as soon as I got it unloaded, somebody in a jeep drove up, and got out. He was wearing the state park service uniform. He didn’t take much notice of me, and he started to open up the warehouse building next to where I had unloaded the desk.
He seemed like a really friendly guy, had a friendly face and smile. So I started talking to him. And then after a few minutes he said that he had just moved into a new apartment and he was really trying to get a hold of some furniture. So… perfect! I said that I would give him my desk for free, if he could just take it and also take my heavy tool set, which he could use to fix his Jeep with, because I noticed it was an older Jeep, and they usually need to be repaired quite a bit. The tool kit I had probably weighed close to 100 or 200 pounds.
So, everything was perfect! I was able to get rid of a significant amount of weight, and I was able to haul the rest of my stuff in the trailer over the mountains and safely get to Arizona, my next home. A few days after I arrived the turbo blew out completely. And luckily it was only a local tow to the repair shop. If I had attempted to move all of my stuff on that trip, the turbo for sure would have blown out in the middle of the mountains and I would have had in a very expensive towing fee (including for the u-haul trailer) to some mechanic in the boondocks who probably would have overcharged me.
Anyway, when I was talking to this young man, our conversation suddenly switched to more spiritual stuff, and he said he kept having visions of geometric shapes of many kinds, but mostly of the kind that you have drawn here, Lux!
The design he showed me was almost exactly the same as what Lux has drawn here!
What he did with his vision of this same drawing was to assemble it as a bare wire positive and negative cathode-anode hydrogen-oxygen gas generator which he submerged it into a bucket of water. He noticed that the efficiency of it was extremely high, causing it to produce as much gas as a industrial instrument of the same kind, but it only used 20% of the electricity. So he told me he was going to apply for a patent for it and try to sell it.
Anyway, the word that comes to mind here now, remembering this beautiful young man and his scientific visions, the word that comes to me is “EFFICIENCY”. Or maybe even “EFFORTLESS”.
Thank you Lux for reminding me of this wonderful story!
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  1. A beautiful story of manifestation and creativity (both go hand-in-glove). It’s how we can learn to trust that the Universe has our back, when we become aware of such moments.

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