Advice for Tuning In To Your Life’s Purpose Reply

I haven’t spoken with nor seen my friend Carole for about 20 years, when suddenly she writes me an email after all these years.  She tells me she has done well, working as a successful engineer these last several decades. But she took two years off from work and despite this time off, she wishes she knew what she was doing here — in this place and at this moment. She’s asking:

What is the meaning of my life?

I of course cannot give her an answer, but I can point the way to a gateway — a method — that has worked for me.   This is what I wrote to my friend in return.


If you truly want to know why you’re here, or what you’re supposed to be doing, then try these things:
  • ASK FOR GUIDANCE.  Don’t ask once.  Ask at least every day, as often as you need.  I usually ask for guidance right at the moment between sleep and wakefulness – the meeting place of the Two Worlds. (Note: People always ask for instant gratification. So, I caution you on this: Don’t expect an immediate answer. Don’t ask once. Ask every day for guidance.
  • KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN for an answer.  DO NOT expect the answer to necessarily come from a conventional source.  For example, if it seems every time you look at the clock and it says 1:11 pm or 2:22, or similar.  Or a license plate that corresponds with what you are looking for. Or a dream, or a cool person you met who inspires you, or a billboard you read that gives you an answer that makes sense, or an inspiring movie you saw, or…  Just keep your eyes open for some kind of answer.
  • BE THANKFUL.  Just look at all the shit you’ve been through your entire life. Look at all the bad shit that COULD HAVE or even SHOULD HAVE happened, but it DIDN’T HAPPEN.  Recognize that something unknown, an unseen force, must have been there to help you get past  all that shit, miraculously.  In recognizing that,  every day say this at the end of your day: “Thank you! Thank you for helping me get this far.”   Just think, Carole.  How many people can say what you have done: Taken a year or so off from work!  For most people, this is unthinkable!  Most people live hand-to-mouth, barely surviving.  Are you thankful for this?  BE THANKFUL.
  • SUSPEND ALL JUDGEMENT.  Is it really your job to judge people and situations, condemn them for being less than perfect?  Maybe you see a person with a different belief or attitude and politely say, “Oh, they’re just different.”  When you’re really saying, “That person is f****** weird.  I’ll be avoiding them in the future.”  Or maybe you take a wrong turn one day while driving, and you scold yourself for making a mistake.  Instead, just relax and observe.  Maybe you can learn something from that person or situation – something that you would have never seen if you decided to judge someone or something as right or wrong.
  • BE GENUINE.  If you do all the above, but you really don’t think it’s going to work, and you just go through the motions – then of course it won’t work.  Empower yourself by being open to how cool your life can be.  Do this by being genuine and truthful in your effort.
  • EXPECT NOTHING IN RETURN. If you do all this and expect something in return, you rob yourself of the chance of seeing what the whole point is.


Carole, start with doing these things, and keep your eyes open for hints and metaphors that will guide you to your life’s purpose.  Keep in mind it usually comes in little pieces, but it builds up over time.  You are building the Temple of Your Life.  It cannot be built overnight.  It will take your entire life to build it.  But if you listen to and keep your eyes open for the guidance YOU WILL GET some kind of answer, Carole.

I just wrote this off the top of my head, derived from what works for me and what I’ve seen work for other people.  I wrote this just for you, Carole.

Anyway, I follow my own advice now:  I won’t expect anything in return from you.  But I do ask that you seriously consider what I have written above.

That is… if you’re serious about finding out why the heck you are here. What your life purpose is.

– John

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