Your Adventure Arrives! 3

Look at the Schumann Resonance graphs and SEE that THE WAVE is ramping up big time. Personal activations are taking place now more than ever!

Yes, look at the data on the Schumann graphs (“the Schoomz!”). Wave after wave, affirmation after affirmation. But don’t be fooled by the notion that this wave stuff is all outside of you. No more separation! Collectively WE ARE THE WAVE. For yourself personally, you are/will be activated to do your part as a YOUR PART of the WAVE.


When the time comes, your personal activation will challenge you to step up. But unlike all those previous challenges, this time you will be prepared. Your body, your spirit, and that quiet part of your mind that KNOWS ALREADY what’s going on – and trusts what’s going on – will know what to do! This time you are not stepping into the unknown filled with fear as before. This time, your collective being is FULLY CONFIDENT about what to do!

You came here in this life, in this time, at that place where you stand now – for this very purpose.

Think your life was meaningless before? Always asking, “Why am I here? But getting no answer?” It’s not like you taking a test and then get told all the answers so you can ace it. No, you are HONORED to be here to dis-cover this BEAUTIFUL ADVENTURE. Comes the time: ENJOY THE RIDE. And… TRUST IT! Sit back and observe in detachment, or participate as you feel motivated. YOU WILL DO IT RIGHT!

Never before have you seen this wonder. You are so lucky to be here: Soon if not already to do all this cool stuff, to meet these beautiful people who will be a reflection of the unfolding beauty in your life, to witness the random happenings of circumstance that will make you scratch your head and smile with that SE grin!

Yes, maybe you will be afraid at first. Indeed you were raised that way in the old system. But it’s different now. With every moment, and with every instance where you choose to TRUST YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE, the world become that much more safer both for you and the people you come in contact with – in your energy sphere of influence.

You have been given the tools to prepare you for a meaning-full life. You will do so well that you will serve both YOURSELF and you’ll be so damn good at it, that it will spill over and YOU WILL SERVE OTHERS, too — humans, animals, plants, and all manner of other create-ures who reside close to you.

It will be effortless! So just TRUST and ENJOY!

So step in and go enjoy your special adventure!

You are blessed! You are protected!

Don’t be responsible. Be “response able”. See the difference? One is debilitating. One is empowering. See? The paradigm has changed now, so that what was once IMPOSSIBLE is now POSSIBLE!

Something “bad” arises: See the lesson. You are blessed and it ends all well.

Something “good” arises: You are soooo lucky! You are blessed and it ends all well.

SUSPEND YOUR JUDGMENT! Something good or bad happens? Don’t judge it as good nor bad. Instead, you are the HONORED GUEST and WITNESS! See?

Be thankful. Gratitude! Say “thank you” to that open space before you: YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

The gift has arrived. It’s for you. Don’t feel guilty, it’s just for you!

YOUR GIFT TO YOUR SELF! You deserve it!

Happiness is your birthright!

Accept it! Step into your Adventure!





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