The Path Continues 1

Yes, it has been heavy. Still, one stands up every day to see the world and wish love upon it, no matter that such an effort makes no sense.

They would have you FOLLOW your mind. But our command is to LEAD with our whole being,

The warrior steps forwards with her/his “weaker” left foot forward into the unknown. Whilst the “stronger” right foot reaches backwards to support the continued heaviness of our perception of our self, depicted by the face adorned with a tuft of hair on the top.

“Dao” – The Path

Self worth, and the whole-being belief that what we are doing is truly worth all the suffering we have endured.

And all we are left with is… Love for This World we are invited to co-create.

One comment

  1. Hello my friend – beautifully done

    “Until one has loved an animal part of their soul remains unawakened”

    Anatole France


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