Timeline Transport 3

I had a dream I was with some friends at some simple countryside B&B run by a small family. We stayed there a few days and had a really nice time. Then we left.

Later I was in a building occupied by hundreds of people, all doing different things. Some were resting, some wearing business clothes and working, some conversing lightheartedly, some having serious business meetings. The populous in general.

The building somehow became a large aircraft, carrying all these people somewhere through the air. I was walking through a stairway, which somehow was a part of this amazing aircraft, and the staircase was completely clad in glass so that I could see the scenery outside – which at this altitude was rather high, mostly a cloudscape with some land far below.

After a few moments, the flight became jostled, rather turbulent, and the aircraft started to lose altitude. After a while the “pilot” or someone like this began announcing we were in for some turbulence, losing altitude, and we would need to probably crash.

Although I couldn’t see the passengers of this massive building/aircraft, I could feel the fear swell upwards from among the passengers. I could hear people clamoring, uttering fearful exclamations. Folks were freaking out.

After a while the craft got really low over the ocean we were flying over. Luckily by flying low, we were able to get rid of almost all the turbulence. It was really overcast and foreboding.

After a while the gray clouds opened up to brightly lit skies, the way a winter sky looks before sunrise on a day when it might rain. The sky was grayish, but not gloomy. Just a brilliant bright gray and white.

Mysteriously precarious but beautiful and hopeful.

The aircraft got so close to the ocean that the bottom of the craft started slapping on the ocean surface a few times. People freaked out again. But after a while settled down. But then we maintained altitude right above the water, seemingly forever. After some minutes, we weren’t over ocean, but some kind of silty plains lightly covered with water. It reminded me of a beach from which the tides had receded, leaving the sand smooth and watery. With the watery sand and silt below reflecting to bright gray sky from above, it was a shimmering beautiful landscape that was plain, rudimentary, but promised of a bright hope just over the horizon that would soon arrive with the upcoming sun.

The scene we flew over was just flat and mostly featureless. Occasional rivulets of streams below. After a while I started to see flocks of birds flying alongside us, some small patches of vegetation whizzing by underneath.

I thought to my myself, “How beautiful. Utterly simple bright beauty.”

After a few moments I could hear the thoughts of at first a few of the “passengers” saying quietly, “How beautiful it is outside.” Others were wondrously saying, “Look at that”. Others were simply silent and gazed upon the peaceful gray surroundings. Some were even beginning to have thoughts of gratitude at seeing a kind of beauty they had never before seen in their entire lives.

The aircraft veered toward a dry beach to the left, and then suddenly… WE HAD STOPPED!!!

We hadn’t crashed after all, as many feared we would. The aircraft was at a complete and peaceful standstill on this new beach, this new land. People started getting off the plane and walking around.

I stepped off, accompanied by my friends I mentioned earlier. My friends and I immediately recognized the place we were: The B&B we had found peace and rest for the past several days. How nice to be back!

We spoke with the B&B proprietors, and they started opening up their food stores and fridges. They said they had plenty of everything for everyone.

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